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Yoga Mudras – Health Gestures
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Yoga Mudras – Positions and Gestures for Health, Body & Mind

Mudras mean gestures, or hand based meditations that directs the flow of energy into our body. Our FIVE Fingers denote the 5 elements of the nature.

  • Air – Vayu 
  • Water – Jal
  • Earth – Pruthvi
  • Fire – Agni
  • Space – Aakash

As mentioned in Indian ancient scriptures, most diseases are caused due to lack or excess of any of these five elements in our body. So it is very important to maintain a balance of all them. Yoga Mudras – Positions and Gestures for Health, Body & Mind or also popular as Hand gestures helps to maintain those balances and overcome these problems. These yoga mudras also known as hand gestures or hand positions should be practised on daily basis for at least 30 – 45 minutes, in a sitting position. A regular practice of these mudras in a meditation pose can give you best health results.

The health mudra app comes up with a total of 40+ mudras or gestures to keep you healthy, fit and positive. The mudras include:
– Gyana Mudra (Gesture of Knowledge)
– Shunya Mudra (Gesture of Emptiness)
– Anjali Mudra (Gesture of Salutation)
– Apana Mudra (Gesture of Digestion)
– Chinmay Mudra (Gesture of awareness)
– Dhyana Mudra (Gesture of Meditation)
– Garuda Mudra (Gesture of Eagle)
– Linga Mudra (Gesture of Heat)
– Padma Mudra (Gesture of Lotus)
– Prana Mudra (Gesture of LIFE)
– Vayu Mudra (Gesture of Air)
– Prithvi Mudra (Gesture of Earth)
– Agni Mudra (Gesture of Fire)
– Jal (Varun) Mudra (Gesture of Water)
– Aakash Mudra (Gesture of Space/Sky)

Along with the Yoga Mudras with hand gestures, the app also comes with some useful exercise & workout based tips for better health and life. These tips includes:
– Posture tips
– Tips for Back
– Tips for Eyes
– Tips to overcome Stress
– Tips to reduce Belly Fat
– Tips for Yoga

The project is built using XCode 13.2 and Swift 5. The app is compatible with iOS 15.0

Yoga Mudras – Health Gestures
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