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WordCounter – Count Words
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Word Counter application with the words you have the most appropriate words in your words, characters, numbers, special characters, spaces and the number of lines you can easily learn is a beautiful application.
With the Word Counter app you can improve your vocabulary selection and writing skills as well as word count and help you identify grammatical errors. All you need to check the word count is to open the application and create your text where you first saw it, and it will do the rest itself. While writing, deleting and editing, you will be able to see the number of words decreasing and increasing. You can also copy and paste your text. No need to worry about sharing with your friends, you can share all the information with your friends. Please note that this does not give you any points below.
It may be important to know the number of words of a text. For example, if an author needs to write a minimum or maximum number of words for an article, an essay, a report or a story, he or she will easily handle it with this application. Not only words, letters, characters, numbers, special characters, spaces and lines will be able to learn in just one.
We are waiting for your support in the development of our application. You can give us an idea about the application, you can let us know if you have seen an error in the application. Do not forget to give 5 stars to this application. This app will work for someone else like you. They have to have a reason to try the application.
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WordCounter – Count Words
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