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Word War Master – Online Multiplayer Game (Unity 3D + Admob + Firebase + Photon)
Codecanyon Android Game Template / Script with Direct download link.

Word War Master is an offline (practice mode) and online multiplayer game made in Unity 3D. It includes the apk, source file and detailed documentation

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In settings you control sfx and background music. You can select the difficulty mode and also can select the time for making words.

Practice Mode:

In practice mode you can select the difficulty level and timer for the word and can practice with 3 lifelines. A random word is given to you with a starting alphabet or at a random position and you have to enter the word within the time limit. Each alphabet has a score which is added to your total score on entering the correct word. If you enter the incorrect word or couldnā€™t enter the word within the time limit you will lose a lifeline. You can set the highest score in practice mode which will be added to your profile.

Online Mode:

In online mode there are multiple options: you can create a private room, join a private room or create a public room. There is a list of public rooms where you can join them directly. While making a room you have to select the game difficulty level and time for the player turn. You can invite your friends for an online game by sharing a private room key within the game. The game play is similar to practice mode. The difference is you play turn by turn with other players, if you enter the correct word and the some seconds are left in your timer they will be added to you total time left which will be 60 seconds at the start. Once the total time becomes zero of all the players the game ends and the result will be shown according to their total score. You can see your opponent profile, their complete stats while playing the game.


Database is used for Login, Signup, User Stats and Leaderboard. Users can register him/herself in the game or can login if he/she already has an account. User can upload his/her picture from the device. There is a global leaderboard where all users are ranked on the basis of their win percentage. You can also see the complete stats of a player by clicking on their picture in the leaderboard.

Word War Master – Online Multiplayer Game (Unity 3D + Admob + Firebase + Photon)
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