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Word Art Generator – Word Art Crator – Word Cloud Art Generator – Word Cloud Generator – WordArt
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Word Art Generator – Word Art Crator – Word Cloud Art Generator – Word Cloud Generator – WordArt

Make great word Clouds out of documents or sentences that matter to you with Word Art Generator. You can make a beautiful word cloud tagul, super customized with different fonts, colors and words layouts. Just enter a few words, and the Word Cloud Generator will shuffle them around in a cute disorderly fashion. Pick a multiple color for your meaningful words, shape them, export them and use the picture on Instagram or Facebook. There are a huge collection of different art shapes in this tagcloud app. Choose one of them to make a perfect Word Cloud Tags.

Creating word cloud is now made easy with phoetic Word Art Generator. This app will generate Word Cloud with randomly picked text color for each word and arrange Word Cloud Tags to fit in the image. You don’t need to worry about arranging each word with different fonts and color because Word Cloud Generator is efficient in choosing the right color and font combination for maximum visibility of each word. This app will provide 18 unique font style, and the best thing is that you can choose every one of them to create an awesome looking Word Art.

Send best wishes in a birthday greeting card to your friends, family or send birthday wish card to your granny and she will definitely love to see this newly formatted greeting card. Prepare an opening slide for your business presentation with this Word Art and impress your clients. Update your Facebook page with creative status with Word Cloud Generator. Proudly tweet an image with your sports achievements, even list your skills for the CV with this Word Cloud Generator.

Word Art Generator Features:
• Import or write any text from the clipboard with a single tap.
• Select from 17 distinctive and clean art shapes like butterfly, Star, Heart, leaf, and fish etc.
• 18 unique font styles to choose from.
• Pick the best suitable background color for art shape.
• Resize word cloud in art shape.
• Reshuffle all the word cloud tags with one button
• Fill the screen with tags or fit with only single words
• Save your Word Art to my creation library.

How to create a Word art:
• Enter as many words as you want.
• Choose best-suited art shape.
• Select the right background color.
• Pick one best font, just like colors.
• You can choose multiple fonts simultaneously
• Save your Word Art on your SD-Card.
• Share the picture with your friends directly from Word Art Generator app.
• Post it to a social network Facebook, Twitter etc.

After using this word salad app only for once, you’ll definitely love this app & you will surely recommend downloading this Word Art Generator to your friends. Word Art Generator is the number one Word Cloud Generator used in education. Many schools love even it’s very helpful to teach students if you are a teacher you should definitely give it a try. Now in a days this word bubble app is used by most people to have a fun for their own happiness. This cricut design app also help you to make beautiful design of the words which matter for you. So why you are waiting for? Just download this world cloud app and start using it.

Word Art Generator – Word Art Crator – Word Cloud Art Generator – Word Cloud Generator – WordArt
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