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Ultimate Addons for Custom Product Designer (WooCommerce, Opencart, Prestashop)
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Ultimate Addons for Custom Product Designer – support platforms WordPress/WooCommerce, Opencart, PrestaShop

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Your site need installed our pluign (or module) of platforms WordPress/WooCommerce, Opencart, PrestaShop

  1. Installed WooCommerce Custom Product Designer plugin version 4.4.X
  2. Installed Opencart Custom Product Designer module version 4.4.X (supported with Opencart version 1.5.X, 1.6.X, 2.X and 3.0.X)
  3. Installed PrestaShop Custom Product Designer module version 2.1.X (supported PrestaShop version 1.6.X, 1.7.X)
Upload PSD, PDF, AI, EPS: Your server need install PHP Imagemagick extension

3D View Design

Frame Image

New Crop Image

Gallery product with more mockup



  • Preview design in 3D
  • Drag and drop to add or change image
  • New zoom function
  • Auto Snap: When you move text, clipart, photo it will align your design.
  • Group layers
  • Align more layers
  • Line height layers
  • Hotkey
  • Right menu
  • Lock layer with move, reize, edit, remove, rotate
  • Add menu send to front, back of sort layers
  • One click of automatic fit area design
  • One click of automatic full area design
  • Easy crop image


  • Design idea page: allow add design with each prdouct
  • View design idea on page product and buy
  • Quick change text, photo in page product detail and buy
  • Automatic add design on more products
  • SEO URL with each design template
  • Design Mugs in 3D: Users can see the designs in realistic animated 3D view or view design on more mockup.
  • Real time print preview
  • Add gallery product with more mockup
  • Shortcode of gallery on page product detail. Your gallery will automatic update when you change design.
  • Quick upload design and buy from page product detail
  • Customize product design with each variation of WooCommerce
  • Show or hidden button add to cart on product design
  • Show or hidden button customize design on page product
  • Show list color of product design on page list products (only support WooCommerce)
  • Support unlimited view (design calendar with 12 months)
  • Support design photo books, menu with unlimited view
  • Support design document (allow customer add or remove page)
  • Embroidery effect
  • Jersey Kit Builder: Allow your customers to design once and get complete sports jersey kit customized including t-shirts, shorts, shocks etc based on their design
  • Variations attributes: allow you customize design each each variation attribute
  • customize area design attributes: customers can choose list size of area design and size will automatic change in page design
  • image variation attributes
  • Use any shape of area design with file PNG
  • Active list printing and allow customer change print method. Price will automatic update when change print method
  • Add mask of effect in product image
  • Disable move outside printing area
  • Show or hidden any menu team, qrcode, cliparts, upload…on each product
  • Setup list color of each product
  • Setup list font with each product
  • Required of attributes

Image Upload

  • Get photo from Facebook
  • Get photo from Instagram
  • Get photo from
  • Support upload PSD, EPS, AI, PDF, PNG, JPG
  • Remove background color of photo
  • Crop photo
  • Allow disable move, resize, rotate, remove, edit photo
  • Setup limit photo add on design with each product
  • Filters effects
  • Image shapes
  • Quick replace image design
  • Saved all image upload of customer and re-open when come back
  • Drag and drop to add image
  • Check DPI of file upload
  • Convert image to one color and change color of photo


  • Text curve
  • Quick edit: click on text to edit
  • Text pattern
  • Choose list size of text
  • Customize list font with each product
  • Active color picker of text color
  • Setup limit text add on design with each product
  • Change text, color of text default on each product
  • Allow disable move, resize, rotate, remove, edit text


  • Edit color of file SVG
  • Add frames of svg
  • Upload and add more shapes
  • Search free photo from
  • Patterns background
  • Find and add icons

Save & Share

  • Share and view design on page product detail.
  • Add menu download file thumb of design
  • Remove tshirtecommerce name in link share and use link of product.
  • Manager design of user and admin in admin page.
  • Share design on social and email
  • Add page my design in page my account of WooCommerce


  • Automatic synchronize file output, design detail of order to your Dropbox
  • Automatic export file PNG, PDF (300 DPI) and send to email of admin or your partner
  • Supported get a quote
  • Show list discount on page design


  • Free install 27+ our addons
  • Free import product design
  • Free import cliparts
  • Free import design template
  • Manager design of users
  • Setting show or hidden any menu of design tools
  • Custom CSS, JS with each layout

Ultimate Addons for Custom Product Designer (WooCommerce, Opencart, Prestashop)
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