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Radmin – Laravel Admin starter with REST API, User Roles & Permission
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Are you stuck with setting up an admin panel in laravel? Radmin Laravel starter will be the best solution for you.

REST API, Advanced user, roles & permission management , Serverside Datatable, Datatable Edit and Export( CSV, EXCEL, PRINT, PDF, COPY),Cache Clear, XSS protection and many more features.

Radmin uses Themekit bootstrap 4 admin template with inventory and POS layout, advanced form elements, chat wizard, charts, widgets, and 30+ other glamorous plugins. It has an eye-catching user interface for laravel 8.

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Super Admin: [email protected]
HR: [email protected]
Project Manager: [email protected]
Sales Manager: [email protected]

Password: 1234

View documentation here

REST API Documentation and Endpoints

Radmin uses Laravel Passport for API development. Here is the link of documentation and Endpoints Visit

Get Postman Collection here,

Template Features


  • Laravel v8.70.2
  • PHP Version 8.0

Core Features

  • UAC – User management with Advance roles and permission
  • Inventory and POS Layout
  • Serverside Datatable
  • Editable Datatables
  • Datatable Export – Print, PDF, CSV, XLS, Copy etc
  • XSS Purifier
  • Cache Management

Themekit Features

  • Light, Dark, Purple, Blue, Red and Orange interface
  • Left side menu and Top menu dashboard design
  • Right side chat list with chat wizard
  • 35 + Plugins
  • 3 Dashboard variations
  • 2 Type of menus designed dashboard template
  • 4 types of Charts [Chartlist, Knob, Flot, Amcharts]
  • Responsive Bootstrap 4 Framework
  • Proper documentation
  • Date dropper and color picker
  • Themekit icons
  • Shopping Cart
  • Pricing
  • Advance form elements
  • Invoice Page
  • Full Calendar
  • 150+ Widgets
  • Carousel
v3.2.0 November 16, 2021
* Refactoring Code for PHP 8
* Added API Request Validator
* Fixed Roles and Permission 
v3.1.0 September 29, 2021
* Added database seeder
* Added Models directory
* Added Request Validator
* Improved POS design
* Separate Inventory Layout
* Improved PSR compatibility
v3.0.0 July 13, 2021
* Update latest Laravel version (Laravel 8.49.2)
* PHP 8 Support
* Added Inventory and POS UI


v1.1.0 April 23, 2020
* Separated Home url from dashboard url
* Separated chat javascript from theme.js
* Changed login page style
* Fixed minor bugs
v1.0.0 March 31, 2020
* Initial Release 

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Radmin – Laravel Admin starter with REST API, User Roles & Permission
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