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Quick Code – QR Code Generator SAAS
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  1. Build QR Code custom modules and shapes.
  2. Image fill support.
  3. Gradient fill.
  4. PayPal payment gateway integration out of the box.
  5. Background tasks support (for sending emails).
  6. Blog (Server side rendered).
  7. Contact page (Server side rendered).
  8. About page (Server side rendered).
  9. Content blocks (to add dynamic content to different frontend positions).
  10. Built-in captcha (there is no need to obtain 3rd party keys to use captcha).
  11. Sitemap.

Quick Code is simple QR Code that enables you and your clients to generate static
and dynamic QR Codes.

QR Code generation is built on multiple steps, to make the process easier, every step is focused on single task.

It is carefully crafted from ground up, we did not build it based on any template, dashboard pages and even data tables are mobile first, and work very well on desktop and on large screens as well (e.g. iMac).

It is SAAS so it supports user registration and user managment (sign up, reset password, login)

Payment Gateways:

We started with PayPal as a payment gateway. We plan to add more in future based on user feedback.

Just drop your PayPal client id and secret and get the whole payment process working. No need to register any webhooks manually, we got you covered! The application automatically register required webhooks for you.

We are open to feature requests and user feedback.

For bug reports and feature requests please use our customer portal.

For documentation and user guides please refer to:

Change log:

2022-07-17 v1.5.13

  • Bugfix: t-shirt and ice cream shapes not working.

2022-07-14 v1.5.12

  • UI Improvement: shape selector now uses preview images instead of text elements.
  • Logo background shape can be either circle or square.

2022-07-14 v1.5.11

  • New modules (patterns): tree, two triangles with circle and four triangles.
  • UI Improvement: added loading indicator to module picker.

2022-07-13 v1.5.10

  • New modules (patterns): fish.
  • UI Improvement: module selection control is now larger with a better preview image.

2022-07-12 v1.5.9

  • New modules (patterns): diamonds.

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Quick Code – QR Code Generator SAAS
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