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PlanTrip – Social Flutter v.3x Template UI with GetX | Google Font
Codecanyon Flutter Template App with Direct download link.

PlanTrip – Flutter Template UI Kits with GetX, Google Fonts, Flutter v.3x Ready

PlanTrip – Save Your Plan Trip Everywhere
Social Flutter Template UI Kits. Google Map Route Direction Ready.
Lite, Compact, Smooth with almost 99% Stateless Widget.
Add more screen, chat, notification, Plan, Article

Full Application of PlanTrip, Install Here PlanTrip Full App

Update version v. 0.9.4

Compatible with Flutter v.3x, Improve Flutter Code, Improve Performance

Demo on Youtube

Over 40+ Lite Screen, Elegant, Modern UI. With Nice Bottom Navigation. Dynamic Theme (Dark & Light). Easy to re-skin, and easy to customization.

With foldable sidebar left drawer menu. Running Well Both Android & iOS. Flutter 3 Ready.

Technology Stack :
1. GetX Stateless Management Flutter Plugins
2. Get Storage Key Value Database

3. Google Map Route, View Integrated

4. Lite, Smooth, Compact, Modern & Elegant UI
5. Shimmer Loading Animation
6. Running Well Both Android & iOS
7. Easy to Re-Skin and Re-Design
8. Dynamic Theme (Dark & Light Mode)

1. Login & Signup Screen (Email, Password)
2. Chat, Notification, Plan, Article Screen
3. Social Login (Google, Apple, Facebook) Template
4. Foldable Sidebar Left Drawer Menu
5. Like or Dislike, Review/Comment and also Share
6. Google Location, Route Direction Ready
7. Explore Categories and Search Place or Articles
8. Create New Plan (Place or Articles)

9. Beautiful Profile Screen
10. Update Profile Management
11. Left Menu Chat, Payment, Notification Dummy List
12. Over 40+ Lite Screen available
13. Shimmer loading animation list
14. Dynamic Theme (Dark / Light ) Mode
15. Develop by Flutter v.3.0.2 Ready
16. Saved 100hours development
17. Running Well Both Android & iOS

Demo Link APK:
Demo APK Android

Login Account Mobile:
Email: [email protected]
Password: 123456

Youtube Demo:

“We do not offer refund, please check and double cross check all details apps before buy.”

We will help and support for all integration

1. Flutter Framework (
2. Visual Studio (
3. Google Map API Key
4. Documentation Fully Support
5. A Brain To Think

Command Terminal Console :
flutter clean
delete file pubspec.lock
flutter pub get
flutter run (your device / emulator)

Jul, 09, 2022
- Update v. 0.9.4
- Improve Flutter Code
- Compatible with Flutter v.3x
- Flutter Source Code Revised
- Documentation revised
- Improve Performance

04 Apr, 2022
- Update v. 0.9.3
- Improve Flutter Code
- Compatible with Flutter v.2.10x
- Documentation revised
- Improve Performance

08 Dec, 2021
- Add more screen
- Flutter v.2.5 engine ready
- Improve performance
- v. 0.9.2

09 Sept, 2021
- First Release
- v. 0.9.1

PlanTrip – Social Flutter v.3x Template UI with GetX | Google Font
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