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PHP Web Screenshot
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Web ScreenSHOT is a fast way to capture all website content and save it into an image. It’s only need about 10 seconds for one screenshots (depending on website)

Who Can Use It ?

If you have website that need to create screenshot for other website, maybe for cache or something like that, this web app is your need.

The Features

Some kind of features:

  1. Screenshot your favorite website.
  2. Resize it into thumbs or according to the needs.
  3. Crop it with custom size (width x height) and margin (top and left).
  4. Give watermark like text or image.


If you running on hosting, you need to make sure that you have privilege to make change configuration about PHP extension or else. You need to install the third party.

There is an instalation guide about what you need to first setup in this item documentation. If you have trouble for it, you can contact us.

Special Thanks

Plugin and Code

Google Fonts (just for watermark text font sample)

  • Roboto
  • Indie Flower
  • Lobster
  • Anton

PHP Web Screenshot
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