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Online Attendance is a time tracking solution android app for maintaining daily attendance records. It is ready to publish Android App which could work on Android devices. It captures the exact Check in and check out time of employees and stores in Firebase and hence you can track your employees attendance online anytime. Online Attendance app can be used either by large or small business to monitor the attendance of their respective employees.

Application Flow :

1) Register your company.

2) Create Admin account. Admin is responsible to perform below task.

  • Add / Edit / Delete employees.
  • View list of added employees.
  • Mark employees attendance.
  • View monthly attendance report of employees.
  • View today’s present employees along with their IN/OUT time.
  • Calculate employees salary.

3) Do employee verification using mobile no provided by admin.

  • Employee can only view their monthly attendance reports.

Note : Here admin person can only mark attendance of their registered employees. Employees are not allow to mark their own attendance. Employee can simply view their attendance reports.

Main advantage of application is, you can also ask other companies to use your attendance application by just registering their company. So indirectly this application supports multi company registration.

With the instructions provided, you can easily build your Android Attendance application for your company.


  • Intuitive and easy to use user interface.
  • Firebase phone sign in auth.
  • Firebase realtime database and storage.
  • Multi-company
  • Add / Edit / Delete employee.
  • Registered employees list.
  • Mark employee attendance.
  • Monthly attendance report in calendar view.
  • View today’s present employees in list.
  • Export employee attendances to CSV.
  • Check your employee attendance late or on time every day.
  • Popup for new application update.
  • Settings with Feedback, Share Apps and Rate Us.
  • Admob Integrated [Interstitial / Banner].
  • Source code use Android proguard that protect from decompile app.
  • Target SDK 28- support newest android version 9.0. Support android version from 5.0 to 9.0 and newer.
  • Admob integration.
  • Tested run well on various android devices.
  • Stable source code.
  • Easy To Reskin no extra coding is required.


Requirements :
Android Studio 3.4.0​ or above.
SDK version 5.0 to Latest.
Gradle : 5.1.1


Login credentials: 
Company Code
Admin : +91 7778877788
Employee : +91 7771234560

Live demo : Click here

Support :

For any query you can contact me trhough below :
Email : [email protected]
Skype : live:2e0cdff678cb3018

Online Attendance – Source Code
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