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MyProgress, Progress Tracking App (Visual Studio project for Xamarin.Android with Parse Server)
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With MyProgress you can keep an audience up to date with the progress of your projects in 3 simple steps.

  1. Setup your project details and write down all the steps of the process in the checklist.
  2. Every time a phase of your project is completed, it is marked as completed or a message to the users is sent.
  3. Send the client app to the users, disclose them your project password in order for them to have access to login and they will start getting your updates immediately!

MyProgress is a simple progress tracker that uses Parse Server. You will get 2 Visual Studio Projects. One for the administrator to setup the project with its phases and another one for the end users to keep track of the progress and stay in touch with the administrator.

To demonstrate, we have created a
project that can be used by a surgeon to inform the patient’s relatives about an ongoing surgery progress. You can customize MyProgress and use it to cover anything you need. Another example of how you can use MyProgress is to track the repair
progress of a mobile phone and send notifications to the owner of the phone.

Implementation includes:

  • 2 complete Visual Studio projects (Admin & Client) with the source code.
  • Drag and Drop List View with predefined phases to prepare your projects.
  • Create a list of phases and save it to the server for future use.
  • Push Notifications to inform user about new updates.
  • Connection to Parse Server.
  • Send messages to the client (text and photo).
  • Localization ready (Languages on Demo Project: English, Greek).

App Screenshots:

Project information setup.

On a Live project, mark phases as complete.

Or send messages to the users.


- Removed "Progress Dialog" (that was used for displaying loading dialogs) as it is deprecated in Android 8.
- Added some missing strings on "strings.xml".
- Added a feature to send a photo from the phone gallery in "Send new message" dialog.
- Added custom Parse.dll because the latest official has a bug with push notifications.
- Added Push Notifications. Users from now on will get notifications even if the App is closed.
- Updated documentation with more examples and details.

Initial release

MyProgress, Progress Tracking App (Visual Studio project for Xamarin.Android with Parse Server)
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