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Multi Vendor e-Commerce (Customer, Vendor and Delivery Apps (Flutter), Admin Panel (PHP Laravel))
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Vendor app Android version
Vendor app IOS version

 Manager application 
Login: [email protected]
Password: admin1234

Customer app Android version
Customer app IOS version

Customers App:
You can login as a Guest

Delivery boy app (Android)

delivery boy App:
Login: +1 202 340 1032
Password: admin1234

Level up your online sales and delivery services with Sundaymart. Register an unlimited amount of stores, list products, set up a delivery range, and let your regular and new customers order your products online. Manage the sales with a user-friendly admin panel and enjoy the most convenient order processing, payment, and delivery. Benefit from Sundaymart’s ultimate advantage – a simplified product replacement. There is no need for clients to cancel and compile a new order if they decide to replace the item after checkout. All you need to do is introduce changes from the admin panel and send the product replacement notification to the client. Besides these benefits from using Sundaymart, you also get:

Edit an Order (a vendor can remove or replace an item after an order has been placed; for example, if an item in the order list is not available in the store, no need to cancel and resubmit the same order; a vendor can make changes to the order and a client can track the change through his/her Order History tab)

 Admin Panel:
           Login: [email protected]
           Pswd: admin1234 

– Note: If you run into a problem while installing, send us a message via email, and we will do our best to help. Please note that at this point we respond within 48 hours.

The update will require activation. Please reach out to our support team for help with the activation via Telegram (+1 202 340 1032).

29 April 2022

Changelog 29 - April - 2022 (v 2022-15)
- Added: Managers can add orders from the vendor app and cancel;
- Added: Managers can select a courier for orders from the vendor's app.
- Added: Delivery boy live map;
- Fixed:  Android & IOS Customer/Vendor/delivery boy apps: Minor bug fixes & Improvements
Changelog 17-March-2022 (v 2022-14)
- NEW: Android & IOS  Vendor app
Changelog 11-March-2022 ( v. 2022 -13)
- Added: Minimum order feature (each store can set its own minimum order value).

- Added:  PayPal, Razorpay, Flutterwave and terminal payments (Dynamic).

- Fixed:  bug fixes and minor changes.
Changelog 28-January-2022 ( v. 2022 -12)
- Added: POS Receipt Printer
- Added:  Transactions
 -Added: System Info
 -Added: Order edit (Add extras,replace products)
- Fixed:  bug fixes and minor changes
Changelog 16-January-2022 ( v. 2022 -11)
- Added:  Product import/export
- Fixed:  bug fixes and minor changes
Changelog 07-January-2022 ( v. 2022 -10)
- Fixed:  bug fixes and minor changes
Changelog 06-January-2022 ( v. 2022 -9)
- Fixed:  bug fixes and minor changes
Changelog 03-January-2022 ( v. 2022 -8)

 - Fixed:  Fixed bugs
 - Add:  The DB in the new update is not fully compatible with the earlier DB. You need to delete the earlier version for the update to install properly and work. Or please wait for our next update (expected within a day), where the compatibility issue would be resolved.
Changelog 31-December-2021 ( v. 2021 -7)

- New:  Stripe and Paystack payments
- New: Global tax
- New: Shipping methods (Free/Standard/Express/Day)
- New: Admin panel multi-language 
- New: Parcel delivery service 
- Fixed bugs 
Changelog 27-November-2021 ( v. 2021 -6)

- New:  Edit an Order (replace/add/delete - products)

- New: Filters (Orders/Products)
– Fixed bugs
Changelog 19-November-2021 ( v. 2021 -5)
- New: Privacy 
- New: Terms & Conditions 
- New: Calendar 
- New: -Delivery boy information menu in admin panel  
  - small updates
 - Fixed bugs 
Changelog 05-November-2021 ( v. 2021 -4)
  - Online chat was added
  - direct chat with manager and client
  - client and courier live chat after order
  - live tracking
  - changes in UI in courier programm
Changelog 02-November-2021 ( v. 2021 -3)
-New:  Online Chat 
-New: Social media
-New: Enlarge image 
-New: Exit alert
- Miscellaneous:  Several bugs in the admin panel fixed.
Changelog 30-October-2021( v. 2021 -2)

- New:  phone prefix module
- New:  Manager request module
- Miscellaneous:  Several bugs in the admin panel fixed.
Changelog 26-October-2021( v. 2021 -1)

 - Add:  Delivery boy app (Android & IOS) 

Multi Vendor e-Commerce (Customer, Vendor and Delivery Apps (Flutter), Admin Panel (PHP Laravel))
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