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Monitoring Zone (SaaS) – Server Monitoring Laravel App
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Monitoring Zone (SaaS) is a server monitoring tool developed using Laravel. Customer would be able to monitor servers and also can create great status pages. Incidents can be reported using the application. Multiple status pages can be created and even you can compare your servers with competitors. Users would be able to see the status pages and understand any outages.

Status Page

It can be used to show status of our own servers, or to compare performance of ours with other server providers or company.

There are two kinds of status pages
1) Status pages inside the app
Examples is

2) Second type is status pages on a sub domain (Additional app required)

So you can see status pages on a subdomain and then you can use CNAME to display on any of your domain.
To display status page on a subdomain, you need to purchase and install an additional product.

This application supports following gateways and can add more if required.

1: PayPal
2: Stripe
3: Mollie

Main Admin Side Features

1) Gateway management
2) Order management
3) Invoice Management
4) Service Management
5) Customer Management

Main Customer Features

1) Add Servers for monitoring
2) Add Websites for monitoring
3) Add APIs for monitoring

4) Multiple Status Pages
5) Incident Reporting
6) Up time status report

7) SSL Expiry monitoring
8 ) Domain Expiry monitoring

Demo Details

Admin Login details
user: [email protected]
pass: admin1234

User Login Details
user: [email protected]
pass: test1234

Server Down Email

When ever a server goes down, you will get a mail.

Server back online mail

When the serverā€™s status changed back to up state, we will get another mail with the text that, the server is back online.

Detailed installation step of the Laravel app will be provided along with the code. You can see the documentation in the docs folder of the purchased script.

Also please check the below links for more details

If you would like to report any bug or would like to suggest some new features, please use this
link to submit it.

Version: 1.2.0

SSL Expiry monitoring
Domain Expiry monitoring
Email Templates
Status page on subdomain

Version: 1.1.0
Added beautiful status pages 
Bug fixes
Version: 1.0.0
Initial release

Monitoring Zone (SaaS) – Server Monitoring Laravel App
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