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Minecraft Skin App Template With 3D Skin Render
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This project is sold under license only through Codecanyon. You are not provided with a license file when you purchase from other sites. I send a DMCA to all the apps that I detect using my project in google play and take them down. If you do not have a license, you cannot appeal the DMCA. After DMCA I am closed to mediation offers!


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With this template, you can make skin applications for the popular Minecraft game.  You can make your own custom skins  apps and publish them on google play.  Users can upload the skins in minecraf by downloading the application. Users can see skins in 3D. The download and display rates of skins are recorded in the Firebase database. So users can access the most popular skins.  Admob banner and interstitial ads have been added for you to make money from the application.



  • Online statistics system. The number of skins that users download and view are saved in the firebase database.
  • Users can access the most downloaded and viewed skins.
  • All skins are available offline. No hosting required!
  • Users can see skins in 3D.
  • Users can move the skin by touching it.
  • Users can download skins and upload them on minecraft.


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•••Version History•••

Minecraft Skin Template V3

•Updated Admob SDK. Updated admob ad types have been added.

•Firebase database optimized. Now your database will be created automatically without having to deal with json codes.

•Libraries have been updated.


Minecraft Skin Template V2

•Updating to api 30

•Solve some bugs

•update all library


Minecraft Skin App Template With 3D Skin Render
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