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About the Game

    Mathematics is a game about four operations. There are 3 game modes. With easy, medium and hard options, users are faced with questions suitable for their difficulty level.

    Game Modes
    Classic Game: Here the user will be able to improve his four operations skills by himself.
    1v1 Game: Here the user can compete with a different friend.

    Game Options
    Addition (+)
    Subtraction (-)
    Multiplication (X)
    Divide (/)
    Mixed (+-X/)


  • Easy to Reskin.
  • Ready to Publish in Google Play.
  • AdMob Integration (Banner and Interstitial).
  • Phone & Tablet

File Content

  • Android Studio Project
  • Demo APK
  • Documentation File


  • Android Studio
  • Google Admob Account
  • Google Play Console Account
  • Adobe Photoshop (for images)


Contact: [email protected]

Math Game / Android Quiz – Admob Ads
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