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LiveSearch – Searchengine for your Website
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LiveSearch 4.2 December 20th 2020

The Searchengine for your Site

  • Search for text, images and PDF files in your website
  • allow_url_fopen OR Curl OR auto
  • no database required
  • hide content from being indexed
  • just one PHP file needed for your search results

New since V4.2: Code updates to meet CodeCanyon quality requirements (no CDN, Javascript using strict mode and updated to Jquery’s .on()

The Search Engine for your Website.
You can use Live Search for smaller and medium websites. A database is not needed. The website will be crawled from the defined baseurl.
The links will be collected and the content cached – so future searches are faster. Already succeeded searches are stored in files too to increase search speed.
The textparts with the found searchstrings are cropped in the search results so only the part with the searchstring is displayed (like displaying the results on Google)

Various options help you to handle Live Search. A Search Word Cloud is available too.

A complete overview is available in the Online Documentation

Check out the Demo here


  • Easy to include and setup
  • Should work with every smaller and middle website
  • No need of any database
  • Pagination function
  • Caching of searchresults and content
  • Include unlinked files new since 1.2
  • Include external hosts (domains) new since 3.3
  • Define logical correlation between single words (AND, OR, as is) new since 3.4
  • Exclude paths and files from being searched for links new since 1.2
  • Exclude paths and files from being searched for links new since 1.2
  • Exclude < script > blocks new since 2.0
  • Added performance switch if necessary new since 2.0
  • Search for META-description new since 2.0
  • Search for META-keywords new since 2.0
  • Search for images new since 2.0
  • Possibility to hide images from being indexed new since 2.0
  • Thumbnail-Generation on the Fly new since 2.0
  • Search within PDF files new since 3.0
  • Select different methods of indexing (allow_url_fopen or Curl or auto) new since 3.0
  • LiveSearch Manager
  • you’re able to add a XML Sitemap (protocol based on even if located on external domains as long as they are listed in the $additionalHosts-Array


  • PHP 5.x, PHP 7.x
  • activated allow_url_fopen or enabled Curl and allowed to access your webproject
  • optional GD-Library for thumbnail Generation (CSS thumbs are possible too)
  • optional for PDF-indexing (Linux-based Webserver with accessible pdftotext binary)

short head of the Changelog

Current Version Live Search 4.1 January 30th 2019

Update information are included

Updates V4.1 January 30th 2019

  • improved and fixed: there were some issues with the included pagination when having more pages than 5 with the next page button
  • added: Bootstrap 4.x pagination

Updates V4.01 April 14th 2017

  • improved/fixed: there were no results when indexing/caching sites/projects with just one page (whereby I wouldn’t suggest a search engine on a project where there’s only one document to search for)
    now these special websites will be indexed correctly too

Updates V4.0 October 4th 2016

  • improved/fixed: highlighting in search results – highlight words in one step instead of highlighting for each word to avert possible highlighting of already highlighted parts (and destroying code)
  • improved: replaced some strtolower and stripos PHP functions with their multi byte versions mb_strtolower and mb_stripos for better handling special characters

Updates V3.9 August 6th 2016

  • upgraded: __construct() method instead of constructor named as the class (pre PHP 5.3) – will be depricated in future versions of PHP
  • fixed: a combination of $baseurl with directoy path and links in websites pointing to root directory (leading /) caused invalid urls to cache
  • added: XML Sitemap (even on external hosts)
  • added: host as information (reduced by leading www.) to each text(html,php,asp,text,…) indexed url to make it easier to distinguish baseurl and external urls
  • fixed: lost information if it’s a PDF or not with second search using the cached search results (i.e. for displaying the icon next to to the result)
  • added: possibility to prevent from following parent directories inside baseurl when using a directory path, makes only sense ifyou really like to stay inside parent directory
  • improved: when linking to resources sending 302 or 301 as HeaderCode LiveSearch will follow these resources (i.e. redirects from http to https, old to new urls, …) when using CURL as crawling method
  • improved: new documentation pages
  • small fix: when indexing external websites and there were absolute (beginning with /) URLs, LS was trying to follow them on Host of $baseurl – while it shouldn’t follow any link on external websites

Updates V3.8 April 26th 2016

  • fixed (minor): removed php-short-opentag from example search page > $LiveSearch>printSrchCloud()
  • fixed (major): removed …..

complete changelog can be found here:

I hope you like it and everything works fine for you


LiveSearch – Searchengine for your Website
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