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Learning Management System Android App Using Kotlin & Firebase
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L.M.S. app using kotlin

L.M.S.(Learning Management System) uses Google’s firebase for managing the authentication and courses data. L.M.S. app uses firebase-storage feature to save course documents, videos & audios. Upload courses being created by admin in JSON structure.


  • Material design

    Material is an adaptable system of guidelines, components, and tools that support the best practices of user interface design

  • Neat & Clean user interface

    An app with a neat interface helps to maintain user’s maximum focus and reduce cognitive workload.

  • Fully Responsive and easy to use

    This Android Native Project is developed with fully customizable code. You can easily modify app.

  • Complete Learning Management solution

    Ready for upload app in playstore. You just need to upload your content to firebase database.

  • Firebase authentication

    User signup and login is implemenented using firebase email authentication.

  • Manage goals with particular course

    After successful registration,user can select their goal from serveral courses.

  • Course/subject wise lessons.

    There are several subjects for particular courses which contains its lessons and subtopics.

  • Ability to upload materials like videos, audios and documents(pdf)

    App supports different typs of files like pdf, videos, audios in the form of url.

  • FAQs(Frequently asked questions)

    FAqs option for all lessons that contains important topics for particular chapter

  • Add to Favourites options

    User can add or remove their favourite topics(videos,Audios,pdfs,Quiz questions)

  • Download & View material

    App support video,audio & pdf downloads

  • Timer bound tests

    There is several categories for quiz test in particular chapters. User can attempt & practice test quiz.

  • Leaderboard after successful completion of test

    After take a quiz , user can see their result with solution.

  • Also, user can see detailed solution after taking test

    There is quiz history option in which all previously attemptes test are shown.

  • Support Dark Theme

    It support dark theme.

  • Implement Admob

    Admob implemenented

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Learning Management System Android App Using Kotlin & Firebase
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