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Ionic 5/Angular 8 Clothes Shop Commerce App
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Ionic5 Clothes Commerce Shop App

  1. All you want from app Ionic5 Clothes Commerce Shop App is complete mobile app solution for android and iOS
    with Clothes shop Admin with Firebase as backend. You have variety of readymade e-commerce pages to create
    mobile app,Whether you are a developer or not, it’s best solution for faster development with low cost,and
    it saves a lot of time.

  2. You can easily, quickly build an Android/Ios App Use this template.

  3. Speed-up your app development with With beautiful design, modern and many options.

  4. Ionic5 Clothes Commerce Shop App can be a great choice. It is a modern based and easily customizable App

  5. Optimized to be performatic at any platform app (Android & iOS) and Web Apps (PWA).

  6. This makes app development a breeze. This Full App is guaranteed to cut down hundreds of you development

  7. If you need technical support or have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me a message:
    [email protected]

Highlight Features

  1. Built Ionic 5+ ,Angular 8+
  2. 60+ Pages Layout and 30+ Custom Components Layouts
  3. Firebase CRUD
  4. Firebase Authentication
  5. Optimized for Mobile platforms (Android & iOS) and PWA
  6. Reactive Forms Validation
  7. Easy do change color theme with Sass/CSS
  8. Ionic 5 Animations & Transitions
  9. Beautiful modern UI design
  10. Angular Lazy load,Animations,Routing,Multi-language
  11. Angular/PWA
  12. Pay with PayPal or credit card
  13. Google Admob ready to use (Banner, Interstitial, Rewarded Video)
  14. Dynamic design layout
  15. Multiple sortable implementation
  16. Automatic Push notification for user login

App Features

  • Sign In
  • Sign Up
  • Home page
  • Category page
  • Order List page
  • My center page
  • Bags page
  • Coupon page
  • Details Pages
  • Card Page
  • Notice page
  • Product List page
  • Video Play Page
  • Favorite Page
  • Product detail page(Video/photos)
  • Filter Items by Categories/Subcategories
  • Add products to Cart
  • Address List Page
  • Timelines
  • Pull-to-refresh
  • Custom Skeleton Pages
  • Wishlist/Favorites
  • Custom tabs
  • Drag Sliding
  • Animation Cards
  • Slideshows auto play
  • Search Product by keywords(with animation)
  • Payments with Cash or Paypal
  • PWA support
  • Complex animation
  • Android hardware back
  • Multi-language
  • More….

Cordova Plugin List

  1. Screenshot
  2. Screen Orientation
  3. Google AdMob
  4. In App Browser
  5. Local Notifications
  6. PayPal
  7. Call Number
  8. Native Page Transitions
  9. SMS
  10. Fingerprint
  11. Card IO
  12. Fingerprint
  13. Local-notification
  14. Qrscanner
  15. Streaming-media
  16. Themeablebrowser
  17. Apprate

Version History

Version 4.5.0 (05-01-2020)

- Add:   native plugin PayPal
- Add:   native plugin Native Page Transitions
- Add:   native plugin Fingerprint
- Add:   native plugin Local-notification
- Add:   native plugin Streaming-media
- Fix:   some bug

Version 4.5.0 (02-01-2020)

- Add:   native plugin Themeablebrowser
- Add:   native plugin Apprate
- Add:   Bags Animations/Search Animations
- update:   Coupon page layout
- Add:   timeline
- Fix:   some bug

Version 3.5.0 (02-01-2020)

- Add:   native plugin screen orientation
- Add:   native plugin Screenshot
- Add:   native plugin Google AdMob
- Add:   native plugin In App Browser
- Add:   native plugin Local Notifications
- Fix:   some bug

Version 3.0.0 (26-12-2019)

- Add:   screen orientation
- Add:   google ad
- Fix:   some bug

Version 2.0.0 (12-11-2019)

- Add:   Detail page gallery
- Add:   Detail page video play
- Fix:   Bag bug

Version 1.0.0 (19-08-2019)

- Add: Init Release

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