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InstaMe – iOS & Android Social Instagram Platform
Codecanyon Native Web App Script with Direct download link.

V1.5 (22 aug 2020)

  • Tweaked and redesigned to more modern and cleaner look
  • More components and pages to cover almost everything for your app
  • New type of meny with text and transparency, cool design too!
  • Demo V1.5: Download here for android

V1 (25 june 2020)

  • First release
  • Including all base pages and components needed to build social platform
  • Beautiful design and very modern
  • Demo V1: Download here for android


Future plans

More updates are coming and we work very hard to make your purchase worth it, if you have any questions or want to ask us for a custom feature, dont hesitate to contact us!

Automatic Dark Mode is coming and toggle option. Be able to use backend such as firebase to really get your app started, we will include more features in the future for free.

Creative and Modern UI

Introducing our new creative and modern UI, a social platform with clean design for you and your friends, family and colleagues.

Get creative with our modern UI kit and build your own social platform to share glimps of happiness, milestones, travels and other joyful moments in life. Explore and continue to discover new ways and dimensions of INSTAME. 

Our kit is the perfect template to start building that social platform of yours. 

  • Add photos 
  • Create profiles
  • Feed
  • Search
  • Chats
  • Friends
  • Settings
  • Saved posts
  • Make your own social platform in no time!

Simple and developed structure

Including following pages:

  • Login
  • Register
  • Tabs
  • Feed
  • Search
  • Notifications
  • Profile
  • Saved posts with categories
  • Settings
  • Chatlist
  • Conversation with friend
  • Friendrequests and friendlist (not done but available)
  • And much more..

Integrate with any back-end

INSTAME comes with:

  • Ionic 5
  • Angular 8
  • iOS 14 ready
  • Android 11 ready
  • Future updates for life
  • More features coming soon for free
  • Custom service
  • Automatic Dark Mode soon
  • Fast reply for questions

Logo design included

Got a cool name for your coming app using INSTAME? Don’t worry, we’ll help you design your logo that will help your branding. Logotype, colorpalette, icons. Our team consists of Marketeers and Graphic Designers ready to help you out!

Future Updates

Automatic Dark Mode, more screens, components and tweaked pages. We will keep updating the app and implement more features free for life. Save money by purchasing now!


Scroll up to see try our demo, available in different versions!

InstaMe – iOS & Android Social Instagram Platform
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