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InfixAdvocate – Lawyer Office Management System
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InfixAdvocate application you can manage any Lawyer Office Management, this application can manage your Lawyer, contract, case and all details, its 100% complete Management system


Admin: [email protected], pass: 12345678


  • Contact
  • Opposite Lawyer
  • Lobbing List
  • Put Up Date
  • appointment
  • Contact
  • Contact Category
  • Client
  • Client Category
  • Casuse
  • Casuse List
  • Add new Case
  • Case Category
  • Judgment Case
  • Closed Case
  • Court
  • Court Category
  • Task
  • To-Do List
  • Human Resource
  • Staff
  • Role
  • Attendance
  • Even
  • Payroll
  • Leave
  • Leave Type
  • Leave Define
  • Apply for Leave
  • Leave carry Forward
  • Leave Request
  • Pending Leave
  • Holiday Setup
  • Language Setup
  • Auto Update
  • SMTP/PHP Mail
  • Login Image Change option
  • Email Template
  • Date Format
  • Currency
  • Time Zone
  • RTL

Security Features

  • JWT Authentication
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Protection
  • SQL Injection Protection
  • CSRF Protection
  • Secure Encrypt Password Hashing

Important notice:

  • We offer support (Time support can up to 2 days)
  • We don’t offer refund (If item has been Downloaded or Mistake)
  • We don’t support install and custom script free
  • Read all the product information before you decide to buy it
  • One purchase can use maximum one installation only
  • We have demo to check all the point, after purchase cannot accept the refund this feature not available. something like that.


v1.2 (24 June 2022)

Update            : A new case layout option for add multiple oppononent
                : Client Table server side
                : All Case Table server side
                : Added client type as personal and company.
                : Case Assign To Lawyer,
                : Lawyer can get access only his/her assigned case.
                : Add new permission for manage all case.
                : Add new module for Appointment
                : Add new module for Lawyer Registration
                : ClientLogin Module Update,Client Registration with Social
                : Create Case Client, Legal Contract

v1.1.3 (o1 Oct 2021)

Bug fixed       : Module permissions issue

Update          : Add a new module for the Email template

Note: min v1.1.2 is required to update, otherwise, the system will break.

v1.1.2(12th September 2021)

Bug fixed       : On Create Case Stage Method not allowed issue fixed
                : On Court quick add country/state/city not working fixed
                : Judgement description not saved in database on case creation fixed.

Update          : Add a different description of the hearing date on case creation.
                : Missing Language Added to translation file.

v1.1.1(2nd August 2021)

Bug fixed       : RTL design issue fixed.
                : Missing Language Added to Translation file
                : Super admin edit issue fixed

Update          : Translate calender, date
                : RTL support for calendar
                : Js Language Translation

v1.1.0 (13 July 2021)

Feature         : Redesign Delete Confirmation Dialog
                : Add Missing Quick Add Buttons
                : Prevent missing delete relational data.
                : Add Missing Language keywords for translation
                : Re-Arrange Permissions.

v1.0.9 (10 July 2021)

Bug Fixed       : Prevent delete relational data.

v1.0.8(9 July 2021)

Bug Fixed       : Staff edit confirm password required issue fixed.
                : Judgement date add on case creation did not save on database issue fixed.
                : Add Lawyer permission issue fixed.
                : Show date-time based on Timezone.

Feature         : Add Date time for date input fields
                : Cause list case search with date range.
                : Can integrate Finance, Client Login, Custom Fields, Email to lawyer, and court Modules
                : Running case filter

v1.0.7(1 July 2021)

Bug Fixed       : Contact Update jQuery fixed.
                : Task Update jQuery Error Fixed
                : Appointment Update jQuery Error Fixed
                : DataTable Export Pdf error fixed.
                : Send Contact an email on set Appointment.
                : Court Edit server error fixed
                : Dashboard quick widget menu link fixed.
                : Client Category Issue fixed.

Features         : Redesign Default Email Templates
                : Quickly add a button for the client, customer, case stage, act, lawyer, client category, contact category, case category, court, and court category.
                : Add Case Charge on Create New case.

v1.0.6(16 June 2021)

Bug Fixed         : Language translation "'" error fixed.
                : Translation missing keyword added.

Feature         : : Included Arabic Translation file

v1.0.5(10 June 2021)

Feature         : Add/Update Infix Advocate Modules.
                : Add Multiple Lawyers to the case
                : Filter Case By Case Category, Case no, Case File no, Case Acts, Clients, Court, Case Stages, Case Receiving Date, Case Filling Date, Hearing Date, Judgment Date
                : Send Custom Notification For Upcoming Dates.

v1.0.4(3rd June 2021)

Bug Fixed       : Can't create 2nd user issue fixed

v1.0.3 (25 May 2021)

Bug Fixed       : Language Translation Error Fixed

Feature         : Clear Log files, Cache, and enable or disable app debug mode from the utility menu
                : Validation error massage custom translation
                : Country, State, City Add, Edit, and Delete
                : Staff password change by Super admin
                : Staff Phone number is not required now

v1.0.2 (05 April 2021)

Bug fixed       : Foreign key violation error fixed
                : Language Missing key added
                : Responsive issue solved
                : Case Description not updated fixed
                : Case Acts not selected on case update page fixed

Feature         : Court Load based on court category
                : Add multiple files on the case, date, put list, judgment, case close, case re-open
                : Edit and Delete Files
                : Self License Revoke

v1.0.1 (29 March 2021)

Bug Fixed       : Court change issue fixed
                : Holiday Year creation


Initial Release

InfixAdvocate – Lawyer Office Management System
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