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Igloo – Social Community Platform
Codecanyon Android App Script with Direct download link.

Social Community Platform & Admin Panel

Simple registration / login screen where users can signup or login in seconds, includes password reset, privacy policy and terms and conditions links.

The main screen gives the user easy access to all parts of the app from viewing the newest or popular posts in the user feeds, categories, settings, notifications, messages, saved posts and user account.

Categories / Subgroups

Search and browse or create unlimited new categories / subgroups based on any subject imaginable. Users add content to the categories that can then be liked or disliked, saved and also add comments.

Category / Subgroup

Create customized categories easily by simply adding a banner image, icon, category title and description. The user who created the category has a moderator badge for any posts in that category.

Group Discussion

Share posts containing text, images, youtube, articles, tags that other users can read, add comments, like / dislike, save, report.

User Accounts

Browse user account details, view user posts and comment history, view followed users, follow user or send a private chat message.

Create & Share Posts

Create and share posts with the community that includes a title, description, image, youtube and custom tags.


Built in light and dark themes, hide profile, view app details, view privacy policy, logout or delete account.

Notifications Screen

Get notified when other users have commented on your post or started following you.

Integrated Admob Native Ads

Earn revenue from the built in integrated native ads that match the design and theme of the app.

Private Chat Messenger

Send private messages to users using the chat messenger.

Save Posts

Save your favourite posts for easy access.

Follow Users

Follow other users and view list of followers.

Post & Comment History

View posts and comment history for user accounts.


  • Compatible with android versions 7, 8, 9,10,11,12
  • Single activity, clean code with comments, easy to customize
  • Fully native android (Kotlin), UI (XML) and webserver (PHP/MySQL) source code
  • Simple account registration and login
  • Create unlimited user posts, add text, upload images or link youtube videos, tags
  • Create unlimited communities/categories/subgroups
  • Search communities/categories/subgroups
  • View communities/categories/subgroups and posts created by other users
  • Subscribe to different communities/categories/subgroups.
  • Upvote/downvote, bookmark and report user posts
  • Follower system to follow/unfollow users
  • User account details, post history, comment history, rank, date joined, follower count and list of users following
  • Chat messenger to send private messages
  • Add comments to user posts
  • Upvote or downvote user comments
  • Hide profile and block or unblock other users
  • Edit user posts and comments
  • Delete user posts, comments and account
  • Swipe and refresh user feeds
  • NativeAds admob integration
  • Avatar upload
  • Newest and popular social feeds with infinity scroll
  • Built in light and dark themes
  • Includes admin panel

Admin Portal Demo

Username: Admin
Password: Admin99#

Igloo – Social Community Platform
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