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Hobbies – Social Full Flutter v.3x App With Chat | Web Admin Panel | GetX | Hive
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Hobbies – Social Media Flutter Apps with Chat, Admin Panel. Flutter v.3x Ready. (Null-Safety). Elegant, Beautiful, Stable, Lite, Smooth, Powerful UI

Find your Hobbies. Together. Running well both Android & iOS. Admob Google Ready. Powered by Erhacorp.ID

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Update Version v.1.1.1

Update v. 1.1.1, Compatible with Flutter v. 3.0.1 & Dart v.2.17.1, Improve Performance


Technology Stack:
1. GetX State Management 99% Stateless Widget
2. Hive is a lightweight and blazing fast key-value database.
3. Elegant, Beautiful, Stable, Lite, Smooth, Powerful UI
4. Animation SignIn, SignUp, Email & Password Verified.
5. Running Well Both Android & iOS
6. FCM Push Notification, Firebase Authentication
7. Geolocation, Local Notification Implemented
8. API Backend PHP+JSON, MySQL, Code Igniter 4
9. Easy to Reskin, Support for Integration
10. MVVM Concept, Model Architecture Implemented.
11. Simply Single Chat (one-to-One) Firestore (text, image) Ready

1. Intro (Boarding) Screen
2. Account Management. Login with Phone
3. Sign In, Sign Up. (Forgot Password is a template only)
4. HomePage (User Profile, Best Popular, My Hobby, Following, Latest Post,)
5. FloatingButton HomePage is Share A Post (new post) and Report, Delete Post
6. Category Grid Screen
7. Search Page (with suggestion list, and latest post)
8. My Hobby Category Grid Screen, with Interest Ratio Percentages
9. Following Detail Grid Screen 4 columns
10. Latest Detail Listview with Complex UI
11. Like, Comment, Download, Peoples interest circular stack.
12. Dual Language (Indonesia, English), easy to customize
13. Dual Theme, Dark and Light Theme
14. Favorite, Posts StaggeredGrid Screen
15. Update Profile, Photo Picker
16. Follow, UnFollow, Followings, Followers
17. Join, UnJoin (Leave) Category Group
18. PhotoView zoom and write a comment
19. Find More, Read More, Animation FadeUp
20. Post by Category, Profile Members Page
21. Single Chat One-to-One Ready
22. Running well both Android & iOS
23. Free Lifetime Update Version

Email: [email protected]
Password: demo2021

1. Flutter Framework
2. Server hosting domain, with SSL Support
3. Firebase Console, Auth, Cloud Messaging Integrated
4. PHP min v. 7.40., MySQL Database
5. PHPMyAdmin MySQL
6. Code Igniter 4
7. Visual Studio Code
9. A Brain to Think
10. Just extract zip main file, open VS and run command:

flutter clean
flutter pub get
flutter run on your Device/Emulator (Android and also iOS)

Username: [email protected]
Password: userdemo2021

We will help for all integration
Read documentation carefully
And enjoy.. Thank you.

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Email Support: [email protected]

“We do not offer refund, please check and double cross check all details before you buy.”

June, 10, 2022
- Update v. 1.1.1
- Compatible Flutter v.3.0.1
- Compatible Dart v. 2.17.1
- Improve Performance

June, 03, 2022
- Update v. 110
- Compatible Flutter v.3x
- Improve Performance

March, 05, 2022
- Update v. 109
- Compatible Flutter v.2.10x
- Improve Performance

January, 20, 2022
- Update v. 1.0.8
- Flutter v.2.8x Ready
- Improve Performance

December 10, 2021 v. 1.0.7
- Flutter v. 2.5.x ready
- Minor update BaseController.php (Backend), PHP 8 Supported.
- Documentation revised.
- Improve Flutter Source Code

August, 13, 2021 v. 1.0.2
- Bugs first load page (hive issues)
- Documentation Revised
- Performance Improvement

July, 17, 2021, Version. 1.00
- Simply Single Chat Firestore Ready (one-to-One)
- Documentation Revised
- Elegant UI Homepage
- Performance Improvement

July, 01, 2021, Version. 099
- Admin Panel CI v.4x
- Documentation Revise
- Feedback Module
- Performance Improvement

June, 29 2021, Version. 097
- Admob Integration
- Documentation Revise
- Report, Delete Post
- Performance Improvement

June, 24 2021, Version. 096
- First Release social media flutter apps
- Free update next version

Hobbies – Social Full Flutter v.3x App With Chat | Web Admin Panel | GetX | Hive
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