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Health Tracker – Diet Plans
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Health Tracker – Diet Plans

Health Tracker – Diet Plans is personalised meal planner app built in Swift 5 for iPhone. It’s a healthy diet planner with meal chart schedule to help you track your calories based on meals and stay fit and healthy.

We serve you the meal plans based on various categories of health related concerns such as:

  • Diet plan for Weight Loss
  • Meal plan for Vegetarian
  • Best diet for high blood pressure patients
  • Diet schedule for diabetes
  • Diet chart for Glutten free
  • Dairy free meals and diet
  • Clean eating meals
  • Low carb food chart

The app serves the purpose with a daily meal chart along with calorie totals for each day across various types of Meal plans or Diet charts based on your personal choice or medical recommendation.

Meal planning is one of the best ways to kickstart and stay on top of your weight loss goals. In this fast pacing world, we are often too much focused on to-do lists and productivity, and hence do not find the time and energy to plan healthy meals and diet plan tailored to our tastes and nutritional needs. Health Tracker – Diet Plans creates customized meal plans for you and your household according to your dietary preferences and weight loss goals.

  • Clean-Eating Meal Plan: This meal plan lays out a week of healthy diet schedule and meal chart that works well for both beginners and seasoned cooks looking to simplify their routine and up their intake of healthy foods.
  • Dairy Free Diet Plan: Learn what you need to have and do to go dairy-free. Plus, learn what kind of swaps you can make to avoid cheese and milk, and discover dairy-free recipes.
  • Plant Based DietVegetarian Meal Plan: Thinking of going plant-based? Learn about the foods you should fill up on and those you should eat less of.
  • Diet Plans for Blood Pressure: While there are a lot of healthy foods that can help lower blood pressure, watermelon is one of the best. Naturally combating high blood pressure by eating foods like watermelon is a simple way to support health.
  • Weight Loss Diet Chart: Can’t lose the weight for good? You might need to check your self-talk as much as you check your fitness tracker.
  • Healthy Diet Plans: A heart-healthy diet plan isn’t about restricting, it’s about enjoying! Let this easy-to-follow meal plan be your guide.
  • Gluten-Free Meal Plan: With 14 delicious days of healthy meals and snacks, this gluten-free meal plan makes it easy to stick to your diet.

What is healthy food?
We understand that “healthy” actually means something different to everyone. So we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that this app offers options no matter what your taste, cooking experience, or dietary preferences are.

  1. Healthy Means Satisfying – Our diet plans and meal charts are loaded with nutrients, fibre, and protein. They’re designed to help you feel nourished and satiated. We believe that this is the real secret to eating well.
  2. Healthy Means Real Food – Our recipes feature nutritious, whole food ingredients that you can feel good about and that can easily be found at your local supermarket.
  3. Healthy Means Cooking at Home – We believe that the first step to healthy eating begins simply with cooking at home. Knowing what goes into your food is the best way to get the most out of it.

Use our meal plans and diet schedule to eat healthier, reduce stress, lose weight, save money, and live happier.
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Health Tracker – Diet Plans
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