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Firebase CRUD With Swift
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Product Description

This is a complete application with Firebase CRUD for iOS. Through this app user will be able to use firebase email/password authentication system. Also its using firebase realtime database that helps to get latest data immediately as soon as its upgraded. This app will show you how to manage a sub-category under a category. AutoLayout has done programmatically, no “Main.storyboard” has used. Reusable code and all features are easily accessible. Also by using latest features of iOS platform we provide the best user experience.


Online Documentation

Video Demo

App Features

  • Login – Firebase Auth(Email/ Password)
  • Create New User – Firebase Auth(Email/ Password)
  • Add Category
  • Display Category List
  • Delete Category From List
  • Add Questions, Answers, Options Under Selected Category
  • Display Questions List
  • Delete Questions
  • Upload/ Download Image From Firebase Storage
  • Image Picker
  • Image Cache
  • Full Screen Loader

How to setup

  • Quizix Backend App – Import/open project by Xcode

Technical features

  • Xcode 10 native project
  • Swift 5
  • Firebase Backend
  • Firebase Firestore Realtime Database
  • UserDefaults For Data Storage
  • CocoaPods

Firebase CRUD With Swift
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