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Dunk Ball To Basket
Codecanyon Android Game Template / Script with Direct download link.

Dunk Ball To Basket is a burning hot arcade game that anybody can enjoy!
The rule is simple :
Drag and release finger on screen and drop the ball to basket.
Earn star and unlock new balls.

  1. Features:
    1. Very responsive game control.
    2. Best dunk shot game
    3. Quick Play mode.
    4. Realistic sounds and stunning graphics.
    5. Smooth and realistic graphics
    6. Optimized for tablets
    7. Realistic animations, realistic sound effects.
  1. Here I will describe the basic sequence of steps:
    1. You need unity 2019.1.16f1 this version. Here you can download
    2. Unzip the project then click on File -> Open Project. Pick the project and it automatically import to unity.
    3. Rename package
    4. Set up leaderboard on Google Play Console.
    5. Set up Unity ads on unity Editor.
    6. Run App for test.
  1. Unity Installation Process
    1. Go to Unity’s Download Page and click “Download Installer for Windows or mac”.
    2. Open the downloaded installer.
    3. Accept the license and terms and click Next.
    4. Select the components you would like to be installed with Unity and click “Next”.
  1. Configure application for Android in Unity Process
    1. Unzip the project then click on File -> Open Project. Pick the project and it automatically import to unity.
    2. Rename the package. Click on File -> Build Settings –> Player Settings -> Other Settings –> Package name
  1. Update the application
    1. You need to change following classes for change ads id:

• For Unity ads :
Change unity Game ID and testMode = false
string gameId = “3482465”;
bool testMode = true;
2. You need to change InAppPurchase.cs class for in app purchase.
Change SKU
public static string PRODUCT_ADS_FREE = “ads_free_version”;
public static string PRODUCT_COIN_1000 = “coin_1000”;
public static string PRODUCT_COIN_2000 = “coin_2000”;
public static string PRODUCT_COIN_5000 = “coin_5000”;
public static string PRODUCT_UNLOCK_ALL_THEMES = “unlock_all_theme”;
public static string PRODUCT_UNLOCK_ALL_BALLS = “unlock_all_balls”;

3. Now, You need to change Actions on button for Rate app and more game
Please go inside Scripts SplashManager.cs and

For Rate this app change:

For Share this app change:
string body = “”;

4. Now build and run the app.

Dunk Ball To Basket
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