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‘Crazy Ball’ full iOS 3d-game
Codecanyon iOS App Script with Direct download link.

​’Crazy Ball’ is a full 3d ​iOS game made with BuildBox. Main files include BuildBox file and iOS file. Minimalistic 3d game has a background music; AdMob interstitial and AdMob banner to show ADS; already adjusted buttons, enemies and the character.

The main objective of the game is to overcome the distance, consisting of multi-colored circles. Flying past the circles, the ball paints them in other colors. In addition to colorful circles at a distance, you can find diamonds that the ball should collect in order to collect as many points as it is possible, but also mines. If the ball hits a mine, it will have to start the game from the very beginning!​

Stylish design, neon tunnel textures and a positive palette of colors are perfectly combined ​in this game​.

More about the app:

  • AdMob interstitial to show ADS
  • AdMob banner to show ADS
  • 3d character and objects
  • Background music
  • Adjusted enemies and character animation
  • Full iOS app
  • Easy to re-skin
    ​* Minimalistic stylish design

‘Crazy Ball’ full iOS 3d-game
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