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Country Detect & Redirect
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Class that lookup’s for a country code then it redirects (include files, or callbacks) the user to desired content you want.
The function of this class is like Google that redirects users from countries that support google
e.g. in UK when you enter you will be redirected to and this is exactly
what you can do with CountryDetector

This class is builded in static context for purpose of best usage. Also it is very easy to implement

Update: 21 Nov, 2012

We present you two new functions to simplify the work of handling country codes. These functions are:


It returns the current country code of user in two (or three sometimes) uppercase initials.

The second CountryDetect function is “is($country_code)”, so you can easily check if its a specified country code in order to take an action.


It returns true or false, based on the condition of specified country code, which is case iNsEnSiTiVe.

Examples about usage of these functions are located on examples/7_get_country_code.php.


There is added another function called


for purposes when you want to include just once a file, and ignore other below declaration lines


  • Country detect then redirect
  • Country detect then include a specific file
  • Country detect then call a function defined by you (callback)



Country Detect & Redirect
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