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Candidate Finder SaaS – Recruitment Management and Job Portal
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Candidate finder SaaS is an advance recruitment portal where employers can signup and pay for unique features like their own web section with branding, conducting online quizes and interviews from candidates. It’s unique job board allows employers to do an analysis and scruitny among applying candidates before having them onboard. Admin/Owner of the system can make any number of packages with monthly and annual subscription against which employers can have paid memberships. With the extensive CMS features, the content on the front website from menus, pages, news and other necessary things can be easily controlled.

The system is built on laravel with a complete and easy to use admin panel to review and control content and features on the system. With the minimum set of installation requirements, it can be set up on any apache or nginx hosting.

Demo Details

Front site :

Admin :
Email : [email protected]
Pass : 60703310

Employer :
Email : [email protected]
Pass : 60703310

Candidate Area :
Email : [email protected]
Pass : 60703310

Installation & Setup

Instructions are included in documentation for installation and complete usage of the system with step by step pictorial guides. Follow this video for database setup and script installation.

Note : Please go through the documentation for admin before setup especially the installation guide.

Server Requirements

The set of requirements are very simple and are available/enabled on most of the hosting providers.

  • Apache or nginx
  • Database support (e.g. mysql or mssql)
  • PHP 5.6 or greater
  • PDO extension support
  • PHP GD library support
  • OpenSSL support
  • CURL support
  • Public folder needs to be writeable


  • Packages & Memberships Management
  • Payment Gateways integrated
  • Front Site CMS Features (Pages, News, Menu Designer etc)
  • Interactive Dashboards For Admin & Employers
  • Roles and Permissions for both admin & Employers
  • Language Translations ready
  • Gmail and Linkedin login (apis)
  • Job Board with unique features
  • Interviews creation, assignment and conduct with pdf feature
  • Quiz designer with concept of re-usability
  • Interview designer (similar as quiz designer)
  • Traits management
  • Quiz Wizard feature for candidates
  • Multiple resume builder for candidates
  • News & Announcements via blog for employers
  • Front end features for home page and footer
  • Jobs management
  • Departments management for jobs
  • Settings for system management
  • Responsive design for both admin, employer, front site and candidate area

Updates Log

Version 1.3 – 3rd July, 2022

Added : Settings for Portal vs Multitenancy
Added : Filters creation in admin area.
Added : Departments Creation in admin area.
Added : Slug field addition in employer job creation.
Added : Front Job display by job slug.
Added : Job Detail page on the main front site.
Added : Apply feature with traits selection on the main front site.
Added : Candidate account area in main front site.
Added : Adjustments for 'Job Filters Creation' settings in admin, employer and candidate area.
Added : Adjustments for 'Departments Creation' settings in admin, employer and candidate area.
Added : Front/Main site login feature for candidate and employer.
Added : Separate site feature in packages/memberships.
Added : Move uploads folder outside of public.
Added : Separate company logo for employer.
Added : Header script settings for front/main, employer and candidate area.
Added : Add setting for WYSWIG editor for email templates with setting to enable/disable.
Fixed : Employers renew membership selection UX confusion issue.
Fixed : Favicon not appearing.
Fixed : Membership price decimal limit.
Fixed : Page and New Detail content alignment issue.
Fixed : Free package duration issue.
Fixed : employer_id variable not found issue on employer signup with dummy data.

Version 1.2 – 18th Apr, 2022

Added : Footer scripts settings.
Added : Increased the limit for candidate job experiences limit.
Added : New settings for colors of front site.
Added : Filters on jobs and companies page at front site.
Fixed : Subdomain 'Admin Login as Candidate' missing route issue.
Fixed : Mobile view issues of front end site.
Fixed : The y-axis bar of admin dashboard.
Fixed : Front package signup button crashing.
Fixed : Default Company not found image.
Fixed : Employer send email to candidate feature.

Version 1.1 – 22nd Feb, 2022

Added : PHP8 compatibilities.
Fixed : Purchase code limit issue.
Fixed : Error image on employer logo, banner and favicon.
Fixed : Make employer as mandatory while creating membership from admin.
Fixed : Admin employer creation issue.
Fixed : Admin candidate creation issue.
Fixed : Admin membership listing sort issue.

Candidate Finder SaaS – Recruitment Management and Job Portal
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