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BoUnCy CaSe
Codecanyon iOS App Script with Direct download link.


Case Lock / Color Lock / Capital Lock / Upside Down Lock:

Case Lock: one letter small and the second capital;

Color Lock: one letter in one color and the second in the other;

Capital Lock: each word is capitalised by itself;

Upside Down Lock: the text is typed upside down by itself

Clean and nice utility to type in bouncy case.

4 Salient Features: Case / Color / Capital / Upside Down
Just type and the app will do its job.
Share your text at ease through various social platforms and apps.


  • You will need active Apple Membership;
    But don’t worry, if you don’t want to spend $99 every year for this membership, we will upload your app on our account for a minimal yearly fee. Please contact us after buying the product.
  • System running Mac OS 10.10 or higher
  • Xcode 10 or higher
  • Basic knowledge of running Xcode. But don’t worry, if you don’t know anything about programming – we can help you upload your website with a little extra fee. Please contact us after buying the product.

Coding is complete in user-friendly language. Just compile and upload!

BoUnCy CaSe
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