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Block Sudoku – Block Puzzle

Block Sudoku is a fun and casual block puzzle. The player must place the randomly appearing pieces at the bottom to
cover the cells.
To get points you must complete the grids horizontally, vertically and by blocks. When we get a certain score, the
new pieces will change color.
If we eliminate all the pieces of a certain color, we will receive a Points Bonus and an animation announcing what
we have achieved.
When the pieces that appear cannot be placed anywhere on the grid, we lose the game.
Here we can add our Interstitial ads or Bonus Videos

Complete set of block puzzles. Block Sudoku is an endless game with AdMob integrated
This game is a complete project, game ready to publish.

Block Sudoku is a simple and addictive classic game.

It consists of 9 blocks with 9 cells each.

Compatible with Android, iOS,

The objective is to complete the cells horizontally, vertically and the cell blocks and thus remove the pieces from
the board.

We increase the score as pieces are removed, the colors of the pieces will change color as we increase the score.

Includes congratulatory messages, different scores for group elimination of blocks.

This game helps you reduce the time to build a similar game. We are working hard to add more features in future


  • Beautiful design with 3D style
  • Play offline anytime, anywhere
  • Compatibility with Android devices, iPhone, iPad
  • Unity Editor version 2021.1.17f1
  • Ad monetization – AdMob: banner, interstitial, rewarded video
  • Optimized for mobile devices.
  • Easy to compile on multiple platforms
  • Ready to publish the game
  • Clean code



This Product is created with Unity Version 2021.1.17f.

  • It may be compatible with other versions, but I cannot be held responsible for the results of using lower versions of Unity
  • The game has been tested on iOS and Android, I don’t understand the results of other operating systems.
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