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Birds Diary
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There is a lot more to owning a bird than many people would think. Follow our best advice to be a better bird owner.


– Learn about adoption and breeds, what supplies you will need before you bring your bird home, what living with birds is like and more.

– Learn about bird species and which birds may make the best pet for you. We’ll introduce you to breeds including budgies, African greys, all kinds of parakeets and several types of parrots.

– Guide to keep your bird happy and healthy with our advice on diet and nutrition, preventative care, diseases and disorders and other health related issues.

– Learn what food is right for your bird and follow our tips for overall proper nutrition for your pet.

– Helpful tips for training your bird.

– App gives information of basic supplies you’ll need for your pet bird and which toys will best keep him entertained.

– Nearby Pet Store with navigation route

– Set nearby pet store range upto 100 KM

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Birds Diary
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