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Aoxio – SaaS Multi-Business Service Booking Software
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There are various mechanisms to secure application. These mechanisms are:

  • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Prevention
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Prevention
  • Output Escaping
  • Password Hashing

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Update Instructions

Update Version 1.6 – 6 April 2022

- Added Payouts module (Available for extended license holders)
- Added Admin comission systen for appointment payments (Available for extended license holders)
- Added staff working hours option
- Added google calendar sync for staff
- Added google calendar sync for user
- Added cancel reservation notification email
- Added booking holiday calendar
- Added appointment status changed email notification for customer, staff & user
- Fixed booking time slots break issue 
- Fixed register page business name special character issue
- Fixed booking time slots disable issue
- Fixed home page testimonial issue on RTL mode
- Fixed menu toggle issue on RTL mode
- Improved FAQ page on RTL mode
- Improved admin panel designs on RTL mode

Update Version 1.5 – 10 February 2022

- Added paystack payment gateway
- Added google meet
- Added plan coupons
- Added frontend color changing option
- Added translate option for features steps
- Added appointment status changing option for staff
- Fixed special characters issue for company name
- Fixed empty coupon submit issue
- Fixed empty check location
- Fixed google calendar time zone issue
- Fixed google calendar 404 issue
- Fixed booking page design issue
- Fixed user reports issues
- Fixed some responsive issues
- Improved functionalities

Update Version 1.4 – 20 November 2021

- Added Google calendar sync feature
- Added lifetime plan for subscription
- Added header script code add feature in settings
- Added staff add avatar option in user panel > staff
- Fixed some bugs and Improved functionalities

Update Version 1.3 – 18 October 2021

- Added time zone for admin & users
- Added user reports
- Added light theme for admin panel
- Added testimonials
- Added location based staff option
- Added company SEO options
- Added automatic appointment reminder for customers email
- Fixed admin responsive RTL design issue
- Fixed user payment tabs issue
- Fixed time slot generate issue 
- Fixed staff duplication time slot issue

Update Version 1.2 – 1 September 2021

- Added Service ratings with enable/disable option
- Added Staff enable/disable option
- Added Payment enable/disable option
- Added locations for booking
- Added Customer history page
- Added Razorpay payment gateway
- Added Currency position, Number formats, time formats
- Added Service based time slots option
- Added Group Booking
- Improve working hour section (now set only opening hour & end hour system will auto generate time slots)
- Improve company settings page
- Fixed missing languages  
- Fixed some minor issues

Update Version 1.1 – 29 July 2021

- Multilingual with RTL support
- Twillo SMS 
- Service category 
- QR code for booking page url
- Admin subscription tax
- Date time format
- 24 hour time format
- Booking time interval manage option
- Offline bank transfer
- Frontend company list with enable / disable option
- Staff enable / disable optin for booking
- GDPR compliance cookie alert 
- Fixed booking calender issue
- Fixed some minor issues and improve functionalities

Initial Release 1.0 – 10 July 2021


If you plan to use this product and charge from your end users on the platform (using payment systems) then you must purchase the Extended License, enforced by the Envato license terms. See License Terms

There are some requirements to work on your server. These requirements are:

  • PHP >= 7.2+
  • cUrl
  • Apache with mod_rewrite

Aoxio – SaaS Multi-Business Service Booking Software
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