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Light Meter App, contains android source code to build your Light Meter Application with most popular features and eye catching material outlook. If you are planning to deploy your own Light Meter App for android users, then it’s your right choice to have much flexibility on your hand.
The product comes with an Easy To Use User interface. You can customize many things In App like:

  • Application Dashboard Design & Contents
  • light measurement components
  • Ad Mob Ads
  • Cool User Interface
  • and more…


  • High accuracy light measurement
  • Lux and Foot-candle units
  • Measures minimum, average and maximum brightness possible
  • Calibrate the measurement with easy controls
  • Store your measurement in memory with title, date and time
  • Recall your measurements from memory
  • Export and share your measurements as a list
  • Reset the values at any time
  • Understand the characteristics of the hardware sensor of your device
  • Uses the smartest algorithms
  • Construction workers compare the light level of different globes, particularly as you upgrade from halogen to led
  • Flower hobbyist setup the right lighting level for each of your plants
  • Biology teachers use for photosynthesis practicals
  • Students use for practicals of electronic
  • Photographers measure light on the photo scene and set exposure
  • Diagnose a light deficiencies in your garden
  • Office workers measure the acceptable illumination level at your work space
  • At home check the intensity of the light that comes to solar panels
  • Use the app for indoor bonsai gardening
  • Understand what light bulbs to install at home
  • Helpful when relighting kitchen, office and rooms
  • Read the brightness of the sky, walls or bright objects
  • Analyze light level of indoor environments
  • Measure and compare indoors vs outdoors
  • Note what a huge difference there is in light between indoors and outdoors
  • Good and useful app to care for your vision
  • Very useful for a greenhouse
  • Great light meter to do experiments as a science teacher
  • Helps selection of right led replacements
  • Suitable for comparing workplace illumination
  • Good to test flashlights and other equipment
  • Use to setup projector screen and get the perfect spot
  • Lets you measure the light for hydroponic plans and adjust the light position
  • Useful tool for photographer
  • Walk around the mall and see what the actual experience of diff light levels are
  • Helps with installing a new lighting
  • Great for testing headlights of the car or bicycle
  • Find a good place in the aquarium
  • Compare the brightness level of one room with another
  • Grow orchids indoors under lights, very helpful to ensure the right amount of light
  • Smart, minimalistic and intuitive user interface
  • Instant start
  • Easy UI to master
  • Excellent performance
  • Perfect minimalistic design
  • Improved light evaluation proximity
  • Perfect everyday companion
  • Ensures the most efficient use of battery
  • Highest accuracy possible
  • Ready for productive usage
  • Doesn’t cause battery drain
  • Intuitive UX
  • Maximized efficiency
  • Improved reliability
  • Unique algorithms
  • Total satisfaction


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    Android Light Meter App v1.0.0  (Current Version)
        - Initial release

    Android Light Meter App
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