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AmazCart – Laravel Ecommerce System CMS
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Admin Login:

User: [email protected]

Password: 12345678

Customer Login:

User: [email protected]

Password: 12345678

Shop View:

AmazCart is a complete E-Commerce system to easily start your online E-Commerce business. This Software has been developed for people who want to create an online store that can sell everything! Single eCommerce store. AmazCart’s online store will make you successful in the eCommerce industry as well as will save thousands of marketing costs even don’t need any coding skills. (Multi-vendor – sold separately)

Core Features

  • Advanced Mega Menu Builder
  • Most of the Task Ajax based
  • Gift Cart
  • Guest Checkout
  • Physical Product
  • Digital Product
  • Home Page Builder
  • Unlimited Email Template Creation
  • Dynamic Slider
  • Multi Langual
  • Multi Currency
  • Order Management
  • Brands
  • Verified Reviews
  • Product Deals
  • New User Zone
  • Trusted Seller
  • Wishlist
  • Dynamic Coupon
  • Guest Checkout
  • Multi Level Category
  • Category wise comission Setup like Daraz
  • Product Rating
  • Product Gallery with Zoom
  • Social Login
  • Google Recaptcha
  • Newsletter
  • Product Attribute
  • Strong Security
  • Product Compare
  • Quick Buy (Coming soon)
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics GA4
  • Facebook Pixel
  • PWA Ready
  • One Click Demo Import
  • Custom SMS gateway Integartion

New Features

  • Facebook Messanger integrate
  • Decimal Digit set for currency
  • Default Country, State setup Option
  • Currency Symbol position

Additional Features

  • Social Sharing
  • Rating Approval
  • Customer Review
  • Product Rating & Review
  • Blog
  • Product Video
  • Quick View
  • Product SKU
  • Unlimited Varient, Color, Zise, Style etc.
  • Responsive for all device
  • Customer to Seller
  • Multiple Shipping Charge Options
  • Dynamic TAX/GST Calculation
  • Easy Video URL
  • Easy Blog as like WordPress
  • Unlimited Page
  • Dynamic Product Filter
  • Product Tag with Color
  • Product Varient by Picture/color
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Global Shipping Estimation
  • discounts
  • Sell Simple or Variable Products
  • Built-in Order Tracking page
  • Unlimted Categories & Sub-Categories
  • Single checkout page
  • Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces
  • Translation tool: easy to translate front theme and admin panel to your language
  • Beautiful theme is ready to use.
  • Powerful Role Permission System: Manage user, team, role by permissions. Easy to manage user by permissions.
  • Admin template comes with color change option to match your taste
  • Up sells
  • Cross sells
  • Invoice
  • Bulk Product Import
  • Subscriber POPUP
  • Create Order from the Back Office
  • Low Inventory Alert
  • Annauncements
  • Email Notification ON/OFF
  • SEO Optinised
  • Google Map API
  • Dynamic Preloader
  • RTL
  • One Click Update
  • About Detail Page
  • Contact Us Page
  • Blog’s
  • Invoice PDF Download
  • Language Translator
  • Notification
  • SEO Ready plain URL
  • Bootstrap 4 Framework
  • W3C Valid Markup
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Documentation Include
  • Clean Code and Clean Design
  • Testimonial

Dynamic Feature

  • Toaster make dynamic position, multiple color, time duration for admin and frontend
  • Dynamic dashboard for wideget show hide, data show hide also color, style can change
  • Each seller can quck view the shop link
  • Notification setting for SMS, system, Email, Mobile app also each user personal setting which notification
  • Dynamic home page customisation with live preview
  • Avoid root index in main domain for security increase
  • color scheme change with Live preview
  • Dynamic top bar with show/hide
  • Mega and multi mega menu with highly dynamic management
  • Dynamic Header management
  • Clone product
  • Inhouse order
  • Local Pickup

Admin Features

  • Rich Text Editor
  • Media Gallery
  • Media File Manager
  • Transactions History
  • Advanced Report System
  • TAX/GST Configuration
  • Mail System
  • Maintenance Mode
  • StoreFront Setting
  • Custom CSS/JS

Seller Feature

  • Free Shipping
  • Local Pickup
  • Flat Rate shipping
  • Additional Shipping Charge for other Cities

Module List with Features

  • Dashboard
    • Total Product
    • Total Seller (Multi vendor – sold separately)
    • Total Customer
    • Category wise product quantity
    • Category wise product sale
    • Total Total Sale (Multi vendor – sold separately)
    • Today visitor
    • Top 10 Product list
    • Top 10 Seller list (Multi vendor – sold separately)
    • Total Review – card
    • Todays Revenue
    • New Customer
    • GA or site analytics
    • Top referrers
    • Graph Product
    • Graph Sellers (Multi vendor – sold separately)
    • Graph Sale History – monthly
    • Latest Search Terms
    • Latest Orders – last 10
    • Goal Completion – if possible
    • Recently Added Products – list
    • Appealed Disputed list
    • Total Subscriber – card
    • Active Customers – card
    • Recent Reviews
    • On/OFF options
    • Role permission
  • Frontend CMS
    • Home Page
    • Features
    • Merchant Content
    • Return Exchange
    • Contact Content
    • Dynamic Pages
    • Subscribe Content
    • About Us
    • Related Sale Setting
    • Footer Settings
  • Appearance
    • Themes
    • Color Scheme
    • Menus
    • Header
    • Dashboard Setup
    • Dashboard Color
  • Blog
    • Blog
    • Blog Category
    • Blog Tags
  • Customer
    • All Customer
    • Active Customer
    • In active customer
  • Manager Seller (Multi vendor – sold separately)
    • Active Seller List
    • Add Seller
    • Inactive/Request Seller List
    • Commision Setup
    • Price plan
    • Subscription Payment
    • Auto approve Seller Configuration
  • Wallet Manage
    • Online Recharge Transaction
    • Bank Recharge Transactions
    • Withdraw Requests
    • Offline Recharge
    • Auto approve Wallet Configuration
  • My Staff
  • Customer
    • Themes
    • Menus
    • Header
  • Contact Request
    • Contact Mail List
  • Marketing
    • Flash Deal List
    • Create Coupon
    • New User Zone List
    • News Letter List
    • Create Bulk SMS
    • Subscriber List
    • Referral Code List
  • Gift Card
    • Gift Card List
  • Products
    • Category
    • Brand
    • Attribute
    • Unit
    • Add new Product
    • Bulk Product Upload
    • Inhouse Product List
    • Recently Viewed Product Configuration
  • Review
    • Product Review List
    • Seller Review List
    • Auto approve Review Configuration
  • Order Manage
    • My order
    • Confirmed Orders
    • Complete Orders
    • Pending Payment Orders
    • Refused/Cancelled Orders
    • Total Orders
    • Inhouse order
    • Delivery process
    • Cancel Reason
    • Track order Configuration
  • Refund Manage
    • Pending refund requests
    • Confirmed refund requests
    • My refund requests
    • Reasons
    • Refund Process
    • Configuration
  • System Setting
    • General Settings
    • Email Template
    • Company Information
    • Email Settings – SMTP and PHP mail
    • SMS Settings
    • Analytics tools
    • Google analytics
    • Facebook Pixel
    • Activation
    • System Notification Setting
    • Social Login Configuration
    • Maintenance Mode Setting
    • About & one click Update
    • Module Manage
  • Payment Gateway
    • 1. Paypal
    • 2. Stripe
    • 3. PayStack
    • 4. Razorpay
    • 5. PayTM
    • 6. Instamozo
    • 7. MidTrans
    • 8. PayUMoney
    • 9. JazzCash
    • 10. Google Pay
    • 11. FlutterWave
    • 12. Bank Payment
    • 13. COD
    • More will add soon
  • Setup
    • Language Setup
    • Currency
    • Location – Add Country, City, State
    • Shipping method
  • GST Setup
    • GST List
    • GST Configuration
  • Accounts
    • Chart of accounts
    • Bank Accounts
    • Bank Accounts
    • Income
    • Expense
    • Profit
    • Transaction
    • Statement
  • Support Ticket
    • Support Ticket list
    • Category
    • Priority
    • Status
  • Activities Logs
    • Activity Logs
    • Login – Logout Activity
  • Human Resource
    • Staff List
    • Role
    • Department
    • Attendance
    • Attendance Report
    • Event
    • Holiday Setup
  • Visitor Setup
    • Ignore IP
    • White list IP
  • Sidebar Manager
    • Manage Left Menu
    • Drag & Drop left menu
    • Sub-menu
  • Customer Panel
    • My Purchase
    • Gift Card
    • Digital Products
    • My wishlist
    • Refund and Disput
    • My Coupon
    • My Account
    • My Referral

Admin Report

  • Seller Wise Sales (Multi vendor – sold separately)
  • Keyword search
  • Visitor – IP, Agent, Device, Location, Date
  • Inhouse product sale
  • Product stock
  • Wishlist
  • Wallet recharge history
  • Top Sellers (Multi vendor – sold separately)
  • Top Customers
  • Top selling item
  • Order
  • Payment
  • Product Review
  • Seller Review


  • Backup

11 Payment Gateway Included

  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Razorpay
  • PayStack
  • PayUmoney
  • GPay
  • instamozo
  • MidTrans
  • JazzCash
  • PayTM
  • FlutterWave

Email Template Editor

  • Order Invoice
  • Refund Declined
  • Refund Money Paid
  • Refund Completed
  • Order Pending
  • Order Confirmed
  • Order Desclied
  • Paid Payment
  • Order Completed
  • Refund Pending
  • Refund Confirmed

Menu Manager (Drag & Drop)

  • Create new pages
  • Use Static Pages
  • Use Custome link
  • Nested Flyout menu
  • Open New Tab
  • Flyout menu Left or Right

Paid Module (sold separately)

  • Shiprocket
  • Bkash

Security Features

  • JWT Authentication
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Protection
  • SQL Injection Protection
  • CSRF Protection
  • Secure Encrypt Password Hashing

Important notice:

  • We don’t offer refund (If item has been Downloaded or Mistake)
  • We support install over doc and video, customisation with payment
  • Read all the product information before you decide to buy it
  • One purchase can use maximum one installation only
  • We don’t support if modify the code
  • We have demo to check all the point, after purchase cannot accept the refund this feature not available. something like that.


v2.7 (18 Jun 2022)

Bug Fixed       : Customer details page issue fixed in the admin panel.
                : Popup content image responsive issue fixed for mobile.
                : Popup content button content issue fixed on ajax.
                : Product details page video responsive issue fixed.
                : Product details page daily motion video link issue fixed.
                : Copyright margin issue fixed for the mobile device.
                : GST/TAX/VAT calculate issue fix for a single vendor.
                : Gallery image zoom scroll disabled, all image zoom issues fixed (If you find the image is not zoomed, please upload 1000x1000 size image for gallery).
                : Category, brand, product import CSV validation issue fixed.
                : Summer note tooltip issue fixed, Summer note list issue fixed (on mac device).
                : Password min character validation msg issue fixed for API & web.
                : Add slider with category issue fixed.

Update          : Admin panel product loading faster. (previously load slowly when a product has multiple images in the description).
                : Product description & specification editor image upload in as file & store link in the database.
                : Editor image link with on AWS(when AWS module active).
                : media manager hide button when uploading mode & design update.

NB: Update from min version 2.1 Otherwise the system can break. If you purchase multiVendor, Affiliate, and Shiprocket modules and have not updated MultiVendor v1.4, Affiliate v1.2, and ShipRocket v1.2 Then you must be updated multiVendor v1.4, Affiliate v1.2, and Shiprocket v1.2

v2.6 (10 Jun 2022)

Bug Fixed: Top picks product repeat issue fixed.
                : Image show issue fixed for Amazon S3 & local image.
                : Media manager image delete issue fixed on used image.
                : Category image show issue fixed on quick view.
                : Amazon S3 image upload & delete issue fixed (Amazon S3).
                : Language translation issue fixed in frontend.
                : Admin to seller dashboard error fixed (multi-vendor).
                : Seller list link bug fixed (multi-vendor).
                : Frontend submenu icon issue fixed.
                : Affiliate wrong product link show issue fixed (for Affiliate module).
                : Notification view link issue fixed in the admin panel.
                : Order product to product TAX/VAT/GST show issue fixed for admin order details.
                : Contact request list permission issue fixed in the admin panel.
                : Human resource menu icon issue is fixed in the admin panel.
                : Staff personal notification setting empty issue fixed.

Update          : Gallery image ratio increased from 500 to 1000. (now created with 1000 ratio)
                : Gallery image design update in product details.
                : Filter hide show option on frontend filter for the mobile device.
                : Cronjob for auto commission approve date wise (for Affiliate module).
                : Affiliate user info shows on order details if an order has an affiliate user's reference (for the Affiliate module).
                : Affiliate users can also buy products as a customer (for the Affiliate module).

New feature     : Paid module's license revokes option add-in module list.
                : Affiliate user enable disable the system in admin panel(for Affiliate module).
                : Affiliate users show details, and user data show feature add (for Affiliate module).
                : Affiliate commission cancel sync with order cancel (for Affiliate module).
                : Affiliate delete link function add (for Affiliate module).

NB: Update from min version 2.1 Otherwise the system can break. If you purchase multiVendor, Affiliate, and Shiprocket modules and have not updated MultiVendor v1.4, Affiliate v1.2, and ShipRocket v1.2 Then you must be updated multiVendor v1.4, Affiliate v1.2, and Shiprocket v1.2.            

v2.5 (1 June 2022)

Bug Fixed       : Inhouse order permission issue fixed.
                : Email & SMS template permission issue fixed.
                : Order date shows the issue is fixed.
                : Inhouse order payment info issue fixed.
                : Order invoice pdf date issue fixed.
                : Attribute disable list show frontend issue fixed.
                : Filter with the brand issue fixed.
                : Product filter issue fixed in frontend.
                : Product slug generates issue fixed for the same name.
                : Bank payment order shows the issue is fixed.
                : Seller subscription payment validate issue fixed (multi-vendor).
                : Seller subscription permission issue fixed (multi-vendor).
                : Customer to seller convert issue fixed (multi-vendor)

Update          : Attribute value delete condition setup.
                : Paystack payment gateway code optimized.
                : Subscription payment pay option for sub seller (multi vendor).
                : Advance subscription renew option (multivendor).
                : Usable for Mercadopago module. 

NB: Update from min version 2.1 Otherwise the system can break. If you purchase multiVendor, Affiliate, and Shiprocket modules and have not updated MultiVendor v1.3, Affiliate v1.1, and ShipRocket v1.2 Then you must be updated multiVendor v1.3, Affiliate v1.1, and Shiprocket v1.2.            

v2.4 (16 May 2022)

Bug Fixed       : Quantity increment-decrement issue fixed on the stock limit.
                : PNG image intervention issue fixed.
                : Default pickup location creates an issue fix for the seller when the admin's pickup location is empty.
                : Email send when guest order issue fixed.
                : Order pdf address issue fix.
                : Order cancel show issue fixed on order details.
                : New user's checkout address issue fixed.
                : Text Local response msg issue fixed
                : All data table current page after reload issue fixed.
                : Inactive category frontend show issue fixed.
                : Coupon update issue fixed.
                : Flash deal edit issue fixed.
                : Error handle for the deleted image when product update.
                : Cart API issue fixed.
                : Email template with image send mail issue fixed.

Update          : Pickup location API for APP.
                : Order store API update with the pickup location, minimum shopping setting API
                : Add verification link shortcode on email template
                : Contact Request list server-side render.
                : TAX/GST to VAT/TAX/GST in frontend.
                : Editor image upload with callback link on email template.

NB: Update from min version 2.1 Otherwise the system can break. If you purchase multiVendor, Affiliate, and Shiprocket modules and have not updated MultiVendor v1.3, Affiliate v1.1, and ShipRocket v1.2 Then you must be updated multiVendor v1.3, Affiliate v1.1, and Shiprocket v1.2.            

v2.3 (27 Apr 2022)

Bug Fixed       : Customer address state, city select issue fix in checkout.
                : Cart data empty check & validate in checkout issue fix.
                : Default language fallback issue fix for missing issue fix (If language key missing, it takes from the default language).
                : Checkout Pickup location design issue fix for mobile devices.
                : Google analytics error fix for the invalid credentials.
                : Form builder error fix for the backend.
                : Inhouse order error fix.
                : Product SKU unique.

Update          : Show Billing address when selecting pickup location (single vendor).
                : Checkout query optimize.
                : All Shipping rates are visible & condition with minimum shopping (single vendor).
                : Category show setting for frontend menu dropdown. Now can showable only parent or all categories (setting in general setting).
                : Product name unique system removes. Now slug add with -1,2,3 if exist.

NB: Update from min version 2.1 Otherwise the system can break. If you purchase multiVendor, Affiliate, and Shiprocket modules and have not updated MultiVendor v1.2, Affiliate v1.1, and ShipRocket v1.2 Then you must be updated multiVendor v1.2, Affiliate v1.1, and Shiprocket v1.2

v2.2 (20 Apr 2022)

Bug Fixed       : Order store API issue fix (for flutter app).
                : Frontend small image issue fixed for the mobile device.
                : Digital product checkout issue fixed.
                : Homepage gets more product column issues fixed for the mobile device.
                : Login with phone number issue fixed.
                : Customer registration issue fixed.
                : Flutter wave payment gateway issue fixed.
                : Product details description shows the issue fixed for the mobile device.
                : Category, Tag, brand filter issue fixed for API.
                : Shipping rate auto selected with price issue fixed for a single vendor.
                : PHP mail send with template issue fixed.
                : Product filter issue fixed for the multi-selected attribute.
                : Coupon discount show issue fixed on invoice, order details page.
                : Currency permission issue fixed for staff. 
                : Homepage extra space removed for the mobile device.
                : Double image show issue fix on product view (admin panel).

Update          : Security update for cart & checkout.

New Feature     : Checkout with pickup location (only for a single vendor).
                : Minimum shopping show in cart (only for single vendor).

NB: Update from min version 2.1 Otherwise the system can break. If you purchase multiVendor, Affiliate, and Shiprocket modules and have not updated MultiVendor v1.2, Affiliate v1.1, and ShipRocket v1.2 Then you must be updated multiVendor v1.2, Affiliate v1.1, and Shiprocket v1.2.            

v2.1.1 (07 Apr 2022)

Bug Fixed       : Border issue fixed for select box in default dashboard color.
                : Header setup page issue fix in appearance.
                : Subcategory search issue fix for selectbox.
                : Invoice & label pdf font support issue fix.
                : Paystack & stripe multi currency issue fix.
                : VAT/TAX/GST group decimal value issue fix.
                : VAT/TAX/GST after disable checkout issue fix.
                : Frontend category list issue fix.

Update          : Cart count in bottom menu button (show in mobile view).
                : Required field to non-required weight, height, length, and breadth in the product.
                : Replace the language button with the category button in the bottom menu (mobile view).
                : Remove text capitalize.

NB              : Update from min version 2.1 Otherwise the system can break. If you purchase multiVendor, Affiliate, and Shiprocket modules and have not updated MultiVendor v1.2, Affiliate v1.1, and ShipRocket v1.2, Then you must be updated multiVendor v1.2, Affiliate v1.1, and Shiprocket v1.2 (Sold separately).              

v2.1 (05 Apr 2022)

Bug Fixed       : Notification issue fix for order.
                : Form builder issue & form page design issue fixed in frontEnd.
                : Appearance module permission issue fix.
                : In-house product create issue fix (MultiVendor).
                : About us, the description shows the issue fixed in frontEnd.
                : Frontend merchant page error fix.
                : Datatable pdf export issue fix.
                : permission issue fix for staff in menu, appearance.
                : Category bulk import issue fix.
                : Login page issue fix for the mobile device.
                : XML homepage priority issue fix.
                : SSLwireless SMS gateway issue fix.

Update          : Reset password mail template setup with the dynamic template.
                : Preloader set when changing product variant.
                : Update license security.
                : Category list server-side render for big amount data.
                : Product, category, brand select box server-side render for big amount data.
                : Frontend query optimize for big amount data load.
                : Add DB index was needed for fast data load.
                : Media manager CDN file removed.

New Feature     : Homepage image lazyload.

NB              : Update from min version 2.0 Otherwise the system can break. If you purchase multiVendor, Affiliate, and Shiprocket modules and have not updated MultiVendor v1.2, Affiliate v1.1, and ShipRocket v1.2 Then you must be updated multiVendor v1.2, Affiliate v1.1, and Shiprocket v1.2.          

v2.0 (21 Mar 2022)

Bug Fixed       : PWA name dynamic issue fix.
                : Frontend design issue fix (form, select box, etc)
                : Paypal payment gateway issue fix for live mode.
                : Shipping rate validation issue fix on seller panel(for multi-vendor).
                : Dashbaord number of product show issue fix.
                : google pay issue fix
                : multi currency convert rate issue fix on online payment gateway.
                : XML site map google site mapping (web master) issue fix.
                : Mega menu category & brand link error fix.
                : Footer setting validation issue fix.
                : Product meta properpy issue fix.

Update          : New features(shipping rate, pickup location, etc) implement on in-house order.
                : Order address saves from customer address permanently in the database.
                : Currently, media managers implement on product only.
                : Product delete message shows meaningful info.
                : GST to GST/VAT/TAX.
                : Editor add-on about description(footer setting).

New Feature     : Preloader Dynamic setup.
                : Free shipping with minimum shopping amount setup to shipping rates.
                : Media manager system.
                : Dedicated Admin login(/admin/login), Dedicated seller login(/seller/login).

NB              : Update from min version 1.6 Otherwise the system will break. If you purchase a multiVendor or Shiprocket module, You Must be updated multiVendor v1.1 and Shiprocket v1.2             

v1.9 (04 Mar 2022)

Bug Fixed       : Admin dashboard currency data show issue fix.
                : Total amount shows an issue fixed in the account module.
                : Instamojo payment gateway validation issue fix.
                : Google pay button triggers an issue fix on checkout.
                : Product edit error fix.
                : Product compare page issue fix.
                : Default currency & language issues fixed when registering new users.
                : XML sitemap page error fix.
                : Frontend Menu design issue fix (for tablet device).
                : Editor Code view data save issue fix.
                : Product name long string issue fix in frontend.
                : Page title show issue fix (now current page title show first.)

Update          : XML site with saving map type, public URL.
                : Social Login API for APP.
                : Homepage dedicated API for the faster load (for APP).

New Feature     : Homepage SEO Setup.

NB              : Update from min version 1.6 Otherwise the system will break.              

v1.8 (26 Feb 2022)

Bug Fixed       : Blog show issue fix on admin panel menu.
                : Customer data issue for APP.
                : Refund process all issue fix.
                : Giftcard & digital product checkout, ordermanage bug fix.
                : Product details page scrollable issue fix for responsive device.
                : Check & fix responsive issue frontend & backend.
                : user validation before send otp issue fix.
                : Inhouse order bug fix & add new feature.

Update          : Order delivery status from one place from order details.
                : TAX/GST add option from TAX/ GST group in the product.
                : Order amount add when order system is complete.
                : GST/TAX calculate based on pickup location & customer address.
                : OTP API for APP.

New Feature     : GST/TAX group create an option in GST setup.

NB              : Update from min version 1.6 Otherwise the system can break.

v1.7 (10 Feb 2022)

Bug Fixed       : Notification issue.
                : Notification read issue with dynamic URL.
                : Update logo, favicon issue.
                : Social login verified the issue.
                : Customer profile update validation issue.
                : One-click update version required validation issue.
                : Checkout page design issue.
                : Visitor list ordering issue. Now show the order with the latest date.
                : Product image zoom issue in RTL mode.

Update          : Default sidebar ordering set when adding new user & new install.
                : Compatible for upcoming new modules like MultiVendor, SSL Commerz, Mercadopago, Shiprocket, etc.
                : Shipping system with carrier integrated.
                : Shipping method remove when product add.

New Feature     : Add weight, height, length, breadth to the product(After Update, Please Update Product weight, height, length, breadth).
                : Carrier system add on shipping.
                : Pickup location for shipping.
                : Order tracking URL & tracking id set for carrier's websites.
                : Carrier & packaging set from shipping for delivery.
                : Label generate & download pdf for package label.
                : Shipping & pickup location add a system for the seller to the seller (for multi-vendor).

NB              : Update from min version 1.6 Otherwise the system can damage.          

v1.6 (21 Jan 2022)

Bug Fixed       : Currency Convert Rate Digit Limit Issue Fix (Please Make Default Currency Rate 1. And Give Accurate Convert Rate To Other Currency. exp: 0.011625891).
                : Default Currency Change & Convert Currency Issue Fix.
                : Product Slug '/' Issue Fix. '/' Remove From from Slug When Generate.
                : Backup Database Name Issue Fix.
                : New Added Page Show Issue Fix On Top Bar.
                : Stock Set 0 Related Issue Fix When Create New Product.
                : Register Customer With OTP Bug Fix.
                : About us page
                : Product Social Share

Update          : Cron Job Url Setup For Newsletter & Bulk SMS.

New Feature     : Login System With OTP ( on OTP module).
                : Password Reset With OTP (on the OTP module).
                : Send OTP COD Checkout For Verified Customer Or Not (on OTP Module with return order limit).

NB              : Update from min version 1.4 otherwise the system can break.             

v1.5 (15 Jan 2022)

Bug Fixed       : Issue Fix On Customer Registration Page.
                : Issue Fix On Product List For Staff User.
                : Product Slug Generate Issue Fix.
                : Product Social Share Meta Issue Fix.
                : Currency Show Issue Fix On Product details Page.
                : Product Name Show Issue Fix on URL title.
                : Form Design Issue Fix.

Update          : Terms & condition Page link on Registation Form.
                : Role Permission Issue Solve Separate Role For Admin.
                : Name Change Top Navbar to Top bar.

New Feature     : Live Search With Tags, Category, Product with Thumbnail, Seller (for Multi vendor).
               : Google Analytics GA4 (purchase, refund, begin checkout, add to cart, remove from cart, view cart, add to wishlist, view item, view promotion, select promotion, select item, view item list, add payment info, add shipping info, etc).

NB              : Update from min version 1.4 Otherwise the system can damage.            

v1.4 (05 Jan 2022)

Bug Fixed       : Product Edit page error Fix.
                : Reset, Import Demo Installed Module List Issue Solve.
                : Login Page Asset & title issue Fix.
                : Cart Item use Database for guest & registered customer (track guest with session-id).
                : Database Access Issue Fix For MySql.

Update          : New Checkout Process.
                : Compatible module For Bkash, Affiliate, AmazonS3
                : Order Note On Checkout.
                : Email, SMS Gateway Setting Update.
                : Uploaded Files Path Compitable For Cloud & Local Upload.

New Feature     : Custom Form Builder.
                : Customer add from the admin.
                : Page Builder (Work On Affiliate Module).     

v1.3.1 (20 Dec 2021)

Bug Fixed       : Demo Content optimised.
                : After updating the menu issue.

Update          : Compatible OTP Module.

New Feature     : Custom SMS gateway Integartion.            

v1.3 (14 Dec 2021)

Bug Fixed       : Live Search Design Issue Solve.
                : Reset Database Issue Solve.

Update          : Reset Database Option Only For Super Admin.
                : Demo Database Import Only For Super Admin.

New Feature     : Demo Database Import Option To Utilities.              

v1.2.1 (12 Dec 2021)

Bug Fixed       : Inhouse Order Create Issue Fix, Sidebar show issue solve.
                : Sidebar shows issues solved when creating new Staff.
                : Product Import Issue Solve.
                : Product Combination Issue solve When edit.
                : Product Show Modal Price Issue solve.
                : SMTP MAIL Form Issue Solve.
                : Default Toastr Show On Top Right

Update          : Digital to Physical product conversion.
                : Variant Product Can Add New Attribute When Update Before Selling.
                : Single Product To Variant Product Before Sale.                

v1.2 (8 Dec 2021)

Bug Fixed       : Order details print issue fix.
                : Best deals, search page error fix.
                : Tag API fix for mobile APP.
                : Send SMS issue fix.
                : Bulk Product Upload issue solve
                : Stock Manage issue solve.
                : Upload From Local Directory, file name doesn't show

Update          : Email Verification For Customer & Seller (MultiVendor Module).
                : Email Verification function is disabled when the OTP module is active.
                : Tag Label (comma Separated).
                : Table Shadow Remove.
                : Register Users' information auto-fill on checkout.

New Feature     : Facebook Messanger integrate.

v1.1 (3 Dec 2021)

Bug Fixed       : Language translate issue.
                : Default Language Set for FrontEnd.
                : Add to cart issue fix for the gift card.
                : Load more product add to cart issue fix.
                : Cities query import issue in the installation process in FTP server.
                : Validation translate file load issue fix.
                : Customer Wallet page design issue & button highlight.
                : Product List Page SKU load issue fix.

Update          : OTP Module compatible 

New Feature     : Guest Checkout on/off.
                : Default Country, State setup Option.
                : Currency Symbol position. 
                : Decimal Digit set for currency. 


Initial Release

AmazCart – Laravel Ecommerce System CMS
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