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Advanced Task Timesheet Manager Module for Perfex CRM
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Note:This Module is for Perfex CRM

Latest Version : 1.0.8

Brief Description

Advanced Task Timesheet Manager”, module can be use in Perfex CRM to Extends its task timesheet or Log time filter functionality and generate Staff Log time Report.

  • Timesheet Manager” allows you to manage Log time for all your Tasks from one location in Perfex CRM. It also creates dynamic filters for Tasks Timesheet.
  • Manage Log time for all your Tasks from Dashboard Widget of Timesheet Manager.
  • You can Manage your Task Log Time (Timesheet) from calendar drag and drop to change Log time Date and Time.
  • Timesheet Manager” provides Log Time(Timesheet) summary for that Task of selected Months for any user. This can be used to generate different kind of reporting for your use.
  • You can export Report of log time of staff for any month and how much “payable” to staff on basis of staff’s Hourly Rates.
  • You can export Report of log time of staff for any month on basis of task’s Hourly Rates.
  • You can create dynamic filter of your choice & save it for future use.
    (Usage : Mainly use for different kind of report need & at time access inbuilt functionally of Perfex CRM)
  • It save time of user in generating similar kind of report as once template is save can be used anytime.

Added advantage:

  • Can be used to see Log time by filter task related to Project, Invoice, Task, Customer, Estimate, Contract, Expenses, Lead & Proposal.
  • Quickly download monthly total payable to staff by saving Summary Filters as Templates.
  • Can be select custom period for between start date & end date to see log time between that dates only in Log time summary.
  • Log Time Summary Report can Expert with required Column (i.e. can hide non required Column)


It takes only a few seconds to be installed and activated. Documentation is included.

If you have any questions, feel free to raise a support ticket at our support area. Guys from support department will get back to you as soon as possible with a reply.

Keep in mind that absolutely no coding is needed! Just follow the instructions and be able to use “Advanced Task Timesheet Manager” module in minutes.


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UserName : [email protected]

Password: 12345678

Change Logs

Version 1.0.8

- Minor Bug fixed.
- Staff Column visibility Button issue is solved when staff has no right of export Button.

Version 1.0.7

- Calculate Task Timesheet Summary of Staff by Staff's Hourly Rate or by Task's Hourly Rate.
- Add Timesheet log will have filter by task related to.

Version 1.0.6

- Added in Timesheet summary filter by Today, This Week, Last Week.
- Timesheet Template List Popup, mobile responsive issue solved.
- Added New Settings for Exclude Tasks having some statuses when Add Time Log.

Version 1.0.5

- Small Bug fixed in Manage Timesheet Drag and Drop Edit with Complete Task.
- Small Bug fixed in Language file

Version 1.0.4

Small Bug fixed in Manage Timesheet for date format d/m/Y

Version 1.0.3

Small Bug fixed in Manage Timesheet Filter By Staff

Version 1.0.2

- Supported to latest version of Perfex(2.8.4).
- Admin can show/hide staff icons in Timesheet Calendar by changing timesheet Settings

Version 1.0.1

- Added Custom fields in Log Time Summary Table and added settings to show/hide custom fields in Table.
- Added Group by "Staff" Filter in  Log Time Summary. 
- Log Time Summary Table shows Staff wise cost to the company.
- Log Time Summary Table shows total Monthly Log Time.

Advanced Task Timesheet Manager Module for Perfex CRM
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